Upcoming NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1630 Is Reportedly Slower Than GTX 1050 Ti

The launch date for NVIDIA’s GTX 1630 has been reset to the 15th of June this year. The company’s low-end graphics card has been based on the Turing architecture and the newest launch date was revealed as the company shared fresh information regarding the embargo. The GTX 1630 was initially set to launch today, however, the launch date has been pushed forward.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1630 Embargo 1

We don’t have access to review the embargo as of now, the timeline only mentions the ‘on-shelf’ date. It is clear from the company’s intentions, that there will be no launch reviews and no review samples are going to be distributed this year. The only reviews which might come forward are going to be the ones where the media will most likely purchase the cards themselves.

The specifications have already been made public many times but let’s go over them one more time. The GTX 1630 graphics card is going to come with a TU117-150 GPU along with a CUDA core count which has been reduced to 512. This number is way smaller than what was featured on the GTX 1650 even which came with a core count of 896.

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The memory bus has also been shrunk to 64-bit and as we can see, this might become a major bottleneck of this SKU. It does feature a GDDR6 memory of 4 GB which will be clocked at 12 Gbps. Another thing reduced on the GTX 1630 is the bandwidth which now stands at 96 GB/s. To our surprise, this is even lower than the “Pascal” GeForce GTX 1050 Ti which was launched six years ago. Compared to this, as per the test results shown by 3DMark, the 1650’s GDDR6 memory is 72% faster.
We are not yet sure which price range the GTX 1630 will fall into but considering the launch date is just days away, this might not be suspense for long.

Via Videocardz