V-MODA Vibrato Remote Earphones Review

Vibrato Remote Overview
The first thing I noticed when I took the Vibrato Remote earphones out of the package was heavy they were.  V-MODA uses a zinc alloy to craft these earphones.  They are mostly all black with silver accents.  The earphones really look great, the photos below do not do them justice at all.  The earphones are pretty small though, so most people really won’t notice them.

V-MODA Vibrato Remote Earphones V-MODA Vibrato Remote Earphones

I was really surprised at the quality of the cabling on these earphones.  The cables are kevlar-coated, which provides great protection and makes them basically bend-proof.  There is 13-inches of cabling from the earphones to the silver Y-connector.  Halfway down the right earphone cable is a control module that also has a microphone on it.  This control module has volume up and down buttons and a play / pause button.  The play / pause button also can be used to answer phone calls on both iPhone and Android devices.  There is a shirt clip on the cabling, but it can be easily removed if you don’t wish to use it.

V-MODA Vibrato Remote Earphones V-MODA Vibrato Remote Earphones

The rest of the cabling down to the connector is 32-inches long, which is more than long enough.  With the earphones that come with the iPod and iPhone they barely reach my ears when I have my iPhone in my pocket.  With the Vibrato Remote I don’t have that issue at all.  The connector is 24K gold plated and is designed in a modified “L” shape with a rubber housing.  This not only makes it very easy to connect in to your device, but it makes it quite rugged.

V-MODA Vibrato Remote Earphones V-MODA Vibrato Remote Earphones

I have been using the Vibrato Remote Earphones for a good 3 weeks now and I can’t image using something else.  The first time I used them I was surprised at the difference in sound quality compared to the earphones that came with my iPhone.  The only way to describe it is if I was immersed in sound.  I was really surprised at the depth of bass these earphones produced and the sound quality was just great.  I listened to all different types of music – rap, hip hop, rock, metal, jazz, pop and even dub step, everything sounded great.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Panera to work (I normally go there once a week) and of course I brought the Vibrato Remote headphones with me.  I loaded up a great playlist on Spotify and one of my favorite songs came on, Cinema – Skrillex Remix.  This song is awesome and because the earphones are so immersive I totally forgot I was at Panera and I started to jam out.  About 2 minutes in to the song I realized I was at Panera and a few people were giving me a weird look!  It just goes to show you that these headphones can really make you feel like you are all by yourself listening to music.

The sport earhooks are a great addition as well.  I live right next to one of the biggest parks in Pittsburgh and I go running a lot.  When running with earphones in they would eventually fall out and I would have to stop running and try to push them back in my ears so they would stay.  The earhooks are perfect for this problem and make it so you can use the Vibrato Remote earphones while doing any sort of sport activity.  They easily slide around your ears and are made of rubber so they are not uncomfortable at all.

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