Valve Releases DOTA 2 Betting App

Vavle has just released a new DOTA 2 betting app on the iOS App store and Google Play store. This app allows users to bet on DOTA 2 esports matches with in-game money.

dota plus

This app allows Android and iOS users to win shards by predicting DOTA 2 team wins in the esports circuit matches. The betting aspect uses in-game money instead of real-world currency. The app also encourages users to create their own “pro player” roster in the Fantasy Challenge mode, which will reward players with shards.

While the app is not solely a betting app, it is designed to help users follow the DOTA 2 pro circuit. It is pretty obvious that Valve wants as many users as possible viewing the esports games, and this app just helps them do that. You can check out the app on Android or iOS.

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