VSCO: The Best Editing Application You Should Try

Most of us already have social media accounts, and one thing is for sure, we want to post pictures the best way we can. If you’re familiar with Instagram, you will surely see Instagram feeds from known individuals with envy because of their uniform and stylistic themes. Upon seeing all of their stunning images, you probably want to have one and copy the same style. The bad thing is, you have no idea how to do it, but worry no more¬† for we’re at your back.

There are lots of editing applications today, but VSCO offers the best when it comes to great filters. Many people concluded that VSCO is very similar to Instagram, but frankly speaking, it is not. VSCO is more like a combination of an editing tool and a social media platform, but compared with Instagram, VSCO doesn’t have like or share features. It’s completely opposite with Instagram when it comes to interaction.

The good thing about having this application is its camera feature because it’s way more advanced than the cameras we have in our devices. If you want to learn more about this app, then keep reading until the end.

VSCO Camera

If you haven’t tried VSCO camera, you can open the app and find it at the lower part of your screen; aside from that, you can also find it in the app’s library. Just hit the camera button after launching the app or proceed to the library to use the camera feature. You can change the camera’s view by tapping the reverse icon on the upper right of the screen.

Capturing Photos

Capturing a photo using VSCO is very simple, just click the gray bar on the lowest part of your screen. To have the best outcome of your photos, you can click the screen with your two fingers while the camera feature is on to set the exposure and focus. Two dots will appear once you tap the screen; you can place them on the photos you want to focus on and edit.

You can proceed to the settings and set everything by tapping the circle button on the upper part of your screen. You can find the Grid Icon, Shutter button, Advanced Controls, White Balance, and Flash Settings in the settings.

VSCO Library

You can access your VSCO library by clicking your screen’s lower right corner. Accessing it allows you to see your imported and captured pictures. By the way, you can edit images and videos in VSCO by going to the library. Always remember that VSCO library is different from your phone’s library; you will only see the photos you’ve captured in VSCO and the pictures you imported.

VSCO Presets

You can easily edit pictures from your library by clicking the Edit button. Once you hit it, you will directly see your downloaded presets. Having lots of presets enables your photos to look more attractive. Take note, you aren’t allowed to overlay other presets if you’re using one. There are free presets for you, but if you want to own lots of filters for more choices, you can subscribe and get all of their filters for only $60.

Advanced Editing Tools

Advanced Editing Tools feature has Exposure, Straighten, Crop, Clarity, Sharpen, Saturation, Highlights, Shadows, Temperature, Tint, Skin Tone, Vignette, Grain, Fade, Shadows Tint, and then Highlights Tint. These things allow you to personally create your own filters by editing your photos.

Saving Edited Pictures

Once you’re satisfied with your photos’ outcome, you can easily save them on your gallery by hitting the Arrow button. Beside the arrow is the circle button that enables you to share edited images with your social media accounts.


Editing photos and turning it into something aesthetic boosts everyone’s confidence; it just needs a little amount of time to blend colors and adjust things to fully get our desired outcome. Keep on using VSCO to have the best filters and use it to enhance your photographs.