Water Cooling 101: Adding Memory Blocks & Maintaining Your Loop

Maintaining Your Loop

As this is the final episode of Water Cooling 101 I would be remiss if I failed to at least touch on loop maintenance. If you’ve followed the whole series you should have a good idea of how to break down and drain your loop. If not check out Episode 6 where I go into detail on how I drain and break down a loop.

This is going to be an important activity for you as a water loop owner. If you followed our methodology for prepping your parts, and you used distilled water, everything you put in the loop should be free of contaminants. Unfortunately it is still very likely that your loop will start to develope some build up and/or bacterial growth.

There are a couple of things that can be done to counter this. The most recommended is the use of a pure silver strip placed into the reservoir. The silver will kill off any bacteria that starts to grow. You can also use a biocide or dye containing a biocide that will of course kill bacteria as well. Certainly these products are really only extending the time between “flushes”.

Flushing is a term used in the water cooling community for the process of draining your loop and refilling with fresh distilled water. Typically this is done at least every six months if you aren’t using an anti bacterial method and even with a biocide or silver strip it is recommended to replace the water at least once a year.

This is also a great opportunity to try out some new tubing or dye since the loop is drained. A lot of the appeal of water cooling is in the aesthetics. Most of us don’t worry about the time period between water changes as we end up breaking down the loop to change or upgrade some part of our loop or rig anyway.

Thanks for Reading!

It’s been a long journey but we are now at the end. The ThinkComputers Water cooling 101 series is a project that we have been working on for a long time and we can’t thank you enough for reading and using the guides! Building watercooling loops is one of our most favorite parts of modding and computing and we truly hope that you find as much enjoyment in it as we do. Equipped with the knowledge we’ve given you here, you should have no trouble building and maintaining your own epic water cooling loop! Check out all of the Water Cooling 101 Episodes below:

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