WD My Cloud 2TB Personal Cloud Storage Review

First Looks
The MyCloud is a minimalistic white box with silver top and bottom. The front has the logo and a simple blue LED for power, and the top is vented for airflow.

WD My Cloud 2TB Personal Cloud Storage

WD My Cloud 2TB Personal Cloud Storage

The bottom is also vented and has the product label. The rear features a gigabit Ethernet port, USB 3.0 port, lock port, power port, and a reset button, plus the requisite exhaust vents.

WD My Cloud 2TB Personal Cloud Storage

WD My Cloud 2TB Personal Cloud Storage

Setting It Up
I’m not a fan of fat client setup programs, so I dispensed with the included software and went directly to the MyCloud’s control panel to set it up. I know my local DNS is on the fritz, so going to the default hostname within my network, e.g. http://wdmycloud.mynetwork.lan, wasn’t going to work. Knowing that the device is running Apple’s Bonjour protocol, I took at stab at http://wdmycloud.local and was pleased to find that it worked! I used this to conduct the setup.

I was forced to sign up for a MyCloud account. Plus, I find a limit on password length of 30 characters to be unacceptable. Users purchasing this device are likely to want the features made available through logging in, but I would have liked to have been given the option not to sign up immediately. I could not find a way to get out of it.



The MyCloud is endowed with a very attractive control panel. The system features push-button firmware updates and a very user-centric configuration experience. Add users, add shared folders, configure mobile devices, backup the backups, and be done with it.


Here’s a short four-minute video showing you around the control panel. Notably, I was pleased to find the existence of SSH access. I can also do fun stuff with SSH.

Firmware update aside, I had the thing set up in less than 5 minutes. Put in your name and email, click the link in your email, create a password, ready to go. Shows up in network items in Finder.

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