We Could See Intel’s First Discrete 10nm GPUs in mid-2020

According to sources close to DigiTimes, Intel will likely unveil its first discrete 10nm graphics cards named “Xe” very soon, with the first wave of Xe GPUs expected to arrive some time in 2020. These will launch mid-year, probably around July or August and these initial Xe GPU models will be sold to consumers, in hopes of gaining a share of the massive GPU market.

One very interesting thing in the DigiTimes article says, “… Intel’s GPUs have already received support from the upstream supply chain and has already been integrated into Intel’s CPUs to be used in the datacenter and AI fields.” This means the AIB partners already have access to the first 10 nm chips that are ready for system integration. This first generation of Xe graphics cards will cover almost the entire GPU market which will include PC, data center, and AI applications where NVIDIA holds market share.

Via DigiTimes

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