Web Design or Web Development, What’s the Difference?

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Web Design vs. Web Development

Web design and web development are two important directions in website building. In truth, many people use these terms interchangeably, not realizing that they are sundry, albeit related concepts.

About design?

Web design means planning and creating the visual part of a site. This includes the development of the site layout, the structure of web pages, the interface, easy navigation, the choice of ideal coloring combinations, fonts, pics, animations and other graphic elements.

Designers are graphic artists. They bring clients’ ideas to life, creating a thoughtful website interface. Just like an architect drafts a project for a future home, a web designer models a site blueprint before a developer starts developing it.

What a web designer should do:

  • Good understanding of graphic and logo structure.
  • Work with programs for creating graphics, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch.
  • Look for the best methods of creating a creative layout, easy navigation, clear interface.
  • Be aware of the latest graphic design trends. Maintain consistency with designs from other companies. It is good to navigate and use the interface as it is already familiar to users.
  • Consider website branding, color palettes and typography that affect the readability of web pages.

Designers do not just make a beautiful website. The convenience of using the interface depends on the result of their work, and therefore the site traffic.

What is web development?

The point of web development is to write the code for the website to function. Web developers use integrated development environments and programming languages ​​to build a fully functional website based on a project created by designers.

Each site elaboration is composed of layout (client part) and programming (software part). Therefore, web developers subdivided into front-end and back-end specialists.

The client-side of the app is the creation of the code and markup accountable for the demonstrative part of the website. Front-end developers should work with:

  • Hypertext markup (HTML), cascading tables.
  • Styles (CSS) and JavaScript (JS).
  • With the help of programming languages ​​and styles, the engineer can create a full-fledged site: from the general layout to the insertion of animation, pics and the employment of various fonts.

For small sites, layout is often the only type of development that is required to deliver a project. For more complex projects, back-end elaboration is a must.

The back-end or program part of the application is responsible for processing and storing information transmitted through the interface. The back-end is required if the site contains dynamic data. Information can be stored in a database on a local or remote server. To develop the software part of the site and connect to servers, languages ​​such as PHP, Java, C # are usually used.

Final Words

To summarize, a web designer is someone who is involved in developing a website’s design. The web developer is answerable for writing the code. Both have different tasks. But a designer who understands how web pages are created will be more experienced and prepared to design those pages. Likewise, a web developer who has a grasp of design basics can better control the appearance of content from the user’s side.