What Are The Best Software Programs For Accountants?

CPAs and accountants need good software to do their jobs well. Having the best accounting software ensures that tax professionals can do the best possible work for their clients.

If you own a business or are an accountant, and want the best tools available, check out the software programs we outline below. Also, if you are an accountant, remember that becoming a CPA is the path to developing the best skills and knowledge in the field. So, remember to study for that CPA exam after you purchase the best software tools for your accounting work.

Quickbooks Online

This is Quickbooks’ cloud-based option that is ideal for small businesses that value ease of use and mobility. It currently has almost 3 million users, and there is a good reason for that.

Quickbooks Online is easier to learn than the various desktop iterations of the software. But it also boasts many outstanding features for both accounting professionals and laypeople.

This software has several integrations, advanced financial reporting, outstanding mobile applications, and lending capabilities built-in. While some users say the online version is a bit lacking, it still is one of the top options for people who want to do their own accounting.

Quickbooks Pro

Quickbooks Pro is loaded with features, and learning it can take time. However, once you get the hang of it, the many integrations and features of this software make it appealing.

Quickbooks Pro is serious accounting software that is perfect for small or mid-sized companies. It has many powerful features, 200+ integrations, and impressive financial reporting.

It’s one of the top selections for CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers, and related professionals. The software also has a solid reputation among its millions of users.

Quickbooks Premier

If your company has gotten too big for Pro, you can upgrade to the Premier version, which may be a good option without moving up to the top-tier Enterprise solution.

Premier is a locally-installed software with excellent tax support, robust accounting features, and plenty of integrations. You can choose the standard option or several versions specific to the industry. One of them is designed especially for accountants.

As many as five users can use this program. Customer support is reliable, but it lacks email support, and telephone support requires additional money.

Quickbook Premier takes a while to learn, but experienced accountants should be able to handle it. Premier also has many excellent user reviews from accountants and CPAs.

Sage 50cloud

This is advanced accounting software that has been popular for more than 40 years. The name has changed, but Sage 50cloud has always offered many features and customization choices for the serious accounting professional.

All of the features and customization make this program harder to learn, so it’s not for the accounting newbie. But accountants or those with a lot of accounting experience will like what this program offers.


If you find yourself limited by what Quickbook Pro offers, this could be the one for you. Xero is intended for mid-to-large-sized companies. It’s made for an unlimited number of users.

Xero has a robust feature set and more than 800 integrations, which is why the program has 2 million users and more than 15,000 accounting companies.

Users have positive things to say about Xero, but there are some downsides to mention. The software doesn’t have built-in payroll, and customer support is lacking. However, the upsides of Xero, especially being able to have unlimited users, make it one of the top accounting program options available.

With one of the accounting programs we highlight here, you’ll be able to handle your accounting tasks more efficiently, so be sure to give one or more of these options a try.