What is an Expert Advisor in Forex Trading?

A higher degree of accuracy is required during forex trading to help avoid losses and embark into profits. To become an expert forex trader, a deeper technical analysis and being on top of trending forex news is a must. For sure, this road can be tough and it’s characterized by many moments of losses due to bad judgment.

The Expert Advisor helps eliminate these challenges by opening trades automatically without requiring human help. The program is designed to analyze various patterns in forex trading and close trades. It uses algorithms when monitoring trades through programmed commands.

How do Expert Advisors Work?

Forex EAs use various types of strategies to trade and match the trader’s specific style. A lot of EA developers have developed advisors that can use varying algorithms within one solution or different systems able to work on a single strategy.

Uninterrupted use of an EA all depends on the level of input the developer has included. This is what makes a difference between those EAs that require several settings before you start trading and those that don’t demand any.

Categories of Expert Advisors trading styles

The type of trading style of an Expert Advisor depends on the algorithms it uses. There are 5 major categories.

Breakout EA: By constantly analyzing the current behavior in the forex market, this EA can accurately predict if a big movement is on the way. This prediction helps the trader reposition themselves and take advantage of the market.

Adaptive EA: This EA can adapt to different settings and rules that help them behave differently every time there is a change in the market. It gives the trader an advantage of concentrating more on hedging.

Hedge EA: It does not analyze the market but instead gives a notification to the trader on their best time to sell to reduce making losses. Although it helps cushion losses, it can also lead to reduced profitability.

Scalper EA: Scalper EA takes advantage of smaller trades and thus predicts a trade every time there is a slight price change. It’s less risky although its profits are small.

News EA: This EA predominantly concentrates on monitoring trending news in the financial sector so that the trader can make a trade whenever a bigger shift of profits arises.

Difference between an Expert Advisor and a Robot

A forex robot and an Expert Advisor have a lot of similarities because they all help forex traders make profits in forex trading. They both use automated technology to perform forex trading functions. However, there is a difference in the way they do their work.

The EA does not trade but uses algorithms to generate signals that will help the trader make a buy or a sell accurately. Due to its accurate predictive nature, the trader minimizes losses and maximizes profits. The bottom line is that the trader must do the trading themselves.

On the other hand, a Forex Robot uses algorithms just like an EA, but in its case, it predicts and does the trading on behalf of the trader. Once its settings are done to fit the trader’s style, the trader relaxes and lets the robot do the rest of the work.

A noteworthy point is that all robots are not the same depending on the software features it’s using. The forex robots reviewed on https://forexstore.com/best-forex-robots clearly show that the best ones are those with complex software features that can use multiple tools to predict the market, start a trade and close it accurately.

What to consider before using an Expert Advisor

An EA will work best for you if you set its parameters the right way. If you make mistakes with the settings, it will always give you wrong predictions and you will continually make losses. The following points are important to consider.

First, ensure you are using high-quality data. Poor data will give poor results while quality data will help you make profits. Next, ensure your meta trader is always connected to your broker’s account.

A live account will give the best results with an EA and you must execute your trades with speed. Market trends change fast and your window of opportunity can close at any time.


An expert advisor helps traders make informed decisions by giving predictive trading suggestions and allows the trader to execute a trade. Although there are different categories of EAs, they all have an advantage of accuracy that helps minimize losses. Before using an EA, it should be set in the right parameters that shall enable AI to execute its functions.