Celebrate the 20 Year Anniversary of DMC by Playing the Special Edition of Game 5

Capcom’s second most popular horror game after Resident Evil celebrates its 20th anniversary, and action-adventure game fans are powering up their PCs and their consoles in order to play the special edition of Devil May Cry 5. Dante is back and apart from being able to control him while playing the game, DMC players will also get to play as Vergil. The latest edition of game 5 picks up the gaming pace, making the game faster and harder. This is great news for players who are looking for action-packed fast-paced games as your heroes have to jump from one battle to the next within a matter of seconds.

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The Importance of the Gaming Pace

Not everyone likes story-based games, where the dialogues take up hours of the gameplay. Some players prefer to get right to playing, regardless if their favourite game is the popular Book of Atem slot or a game like Devil May Cry 5. DMC’s positive reception by the players made Capcom reconsider its plans about Resident Evil titles, and this is how the RE series went from slow and clumsy zombies to fast and over-aggressive undead creatures of all shapes and sizes. Those who have played both games can see a resemblance between Resident Evil’s most recent monsters and the demons, which Devil May Cry characters have had to fight over the last twenty years. Monsters aside, there are more than a few Capcom fans who feel that Leon Kennedy looks a lot like Dante’s long-lost brother.

A Game that Has Left its Mark in Every Gaming Generation

When the first Devil May Cry came out in 2001, people of all ages got so excited that they went to their local electronics store in order to purchase a PlayStation 2, exactly as they did when Final Fantasy 7 came out on PSOne. The game was very different to everything the market had to offer because it was the only title where the player had to “button-mash” strategically and not because they were experiencing the “gamer’s high”. Twenty years later, Devil May Cry effectively offers a similar experience, but this time, the action takes place in ninth-generation environments. The most recent edition of the 2019 title is amazing, and it will be worth every penny you will spend for its purchase. The only downside is that it is not one of the most long-lasting games of all time. Nevertheless, Devil May Cry 5 has a lot of post-game value, as it can be enjoyed over and over again regardless of the number of times you have completed the story.

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A Product Consistently Generating Millions for Capcom

Devil May Cry is, without a doubt, one of the most important gaming series of the last twenty years. It is a game combining elements from classics like Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden and from recent games like Bloodborne and Sekiro. All these elements make it a must-have for lovers of horror action-adventure games. DMC’s audience is ever-growing, and Capcom is well aware of that. This is the reason why the Japanese studio took the bold decision of releasing a very expensive 43-inch statue of Dante. From the looks of it, Capcom’s decision seems to be paying off, as many collectors have placed orders for the purchase of a statue of Dante carrying his sword and aiming his firearm.