What PlayStation5 Games You Want to Play This Year and Next

PlayStation 5: The Gateway to Gaming Fun in 2021 and Beyond

A new generation of gaming consoles is here and PlayStation 5 is at the forefront. The cutting-edge console by Sony is a true gem and as you can imagine, interest in it has soared. Sure, supply shortages did ruffle many fans’ feathers, but the truth is that PlayStation 5 was well worth the wait and there are no two opinions on the matter. Just like you would enjoy the best roulette games at https://roulette77.us/american-roulette, you would similarly want to try the leading console gems arriving for PS5 this year.

Well, we have provided you with a list of some of the games you must definitely look out for if you are a true fan. Not only that, but you will similarly want to explore the best games. Well, theyare a matter of personal taste and features that define entire genres. In the case of PS5, there are plenty of forthcoming games that will be worth your while.

Far Cry 6

Far Cry is perhaps one of the most notable franchises in the PS5 universe and the gaming industry as a whole. Known as the “island stuck in time,” the game is loosely based on the constant power struggles in Cuba where a guerilla fighter is trying to take out the country’s dictator and tyrant and restore a form of democracy that brings peace and prosperity to the people. Yet, to do that, the main character – meaning you – will have to dissipate the armies of mercenaries that work for the villain and undermine their confidence in the leader.

In a tyranny, the despot needs to rule with an iron fist or else his own men will begin betraying him. Well, that’s precisely what you have to do in Far Cry 6. Shake the thugs’ confidence in their ruthless leader and look them turn on him!

God of War: Ragnarok

God of War is an epic saga where the hero explores all mythological scenarios. The protagonist returns once again to face off with deities who have long kept people in servitude. Kratos, the brave hero of Sparta, blames the gods for all of humanity’s ills and takes on some of the most fearsome gods in the world. He topples pantheons with his sword and magical weapons – forged by the gods themselves – which Kratos now uses to destroy the mythical creatures.

Whether he’s challenging Zeus himself or faces off with Ragnarok – the END DAYS – in Nordic mythology, Kratos has little mercy for humanity’s overlords who have pestered humanities and showered it with merciless ills. If you love the spectacular theme and gameplay, then God of War, is the PlayStation 5 you are truly looking for. It will be coming out in 2022, though, so curb your blood-thirsty enthusiasm for a bit there!

Battlefield 2042

Listen, if you do love combat warfare and want something that is different, then Battlefield 2042 is the right game for you. The futuristic game will pit eras versus one another. Powerful soldiers from the future will travel back in time and take on World War II scenarios and alien ships will arrive to disrupt present-day warfare. It sounds like an ill-conceived pell-mell of war scenarios, but it’s not. Battlefield 2042 is an absolute gem and a game that many believe will give the entire franchise a very big boost and place it side-by-side with many other worthwhile games out there.

Battlefield 2042 is not only beautiful; it has compelling gameplay that will truly suck you into the action. The game will come with tons of new weapons, maps, modes and scenarios. There is even a rumor that the game may turn into a staple competitive game, although this is not always on the mind of developers. Well, Battlefield 2042 is everything that you hope it to be, and you will see for yourself as early as this October!