Types of Hard Disk Drives How Do I Know What I Need?

We never want to let go of our most memorable and beautiful moments. We want to keep them safe at a place where we can retrieve them whenever we wish to. Hard drives serve this purpose. Hard drives are the drives that are used to store and process data. The very first hard drive was introduced by IBM in 1965. Since then hard drives have been changing their shape, capacity, speed, storage, and other features. However, the purpose of hard drives remained the same, that is to store and process data. Nowadays, you can find various HDDs, such as the famous WD20EZRX, and SSDs to install in the device or use as external hard drives.

Types of Hard Drives

There are many types of hard drives, each varying from the other one in terms of its features. Some of the common types of hard drives are as follows:

  • HDD
  • SSD
  • Flash drive
  • MicroSD cards.
  • RAID
  • VMware

What to look for in a hard disk?

There are various types of hard disk drives, so it may become difficult to decide which one to buy. Therefore, we have shortlisted some important points that you need to know while buying a hard disk drive. So let’s begin and discover them because the information is going to help you later on!

Physical Size

Generally, hard disk drives can be found in two different sizes, 2.5 inches, and 3.5 inches. The functioning of hard drives varies according to their sizes. 3.5-inch drives are found in desktop computers for having a swift spinning ability, leading to faster data storage and processing. Large hard drive disks also cost less on the internet.

On the contrary, 2.5-inch hard disk drives have a relatively slower speed, leading to steady data processing and storage. Nevertheless, there are some benefits of having a 2.5-inch drive too. Some of the advantages are that they are an ideal size for laptops, use less power, can be shipped easily, and can be used in traveling.

With the advancement in technology, there is a possibility of increasing the speed of 2.5-inch hard drives, but they might cost more.

It should be noted that whether it is a 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch hard drive, because of their size they are portable and can be fit into other storage devices to create RAID.

Check Out Solid-State Drives

Solid-state drives are an advanced form of hard disk drives, mostly preferred by people for their portable computers. Solid-state drives have a speedy processing and data storing ability that is independent of spinning technology. The latter feature reduces the chances of the hard drive getting damaged since it has lesser moving parts. They are quiet, efficient, compact, and easy to handle because of their lightweight and small sizes. They are compatible with devices including netbooks, laptops, PCs, and media servers.

Go for an External Model

While buying a hard drive, you will also have the option of getting an external hard drive. As the name implies, an external hard drive is the one that operates outside the computers or any other device. There is no specific storage for the external hard drive as you can buy one with more than 250 GB at economical rates. You just need a proper connection, USB slot, and in some cases a connecting cable. External hard drives are compatible with almost all kinds of devices.

Settle on Something Smaller

In case you want to switch from computer to Android devices and vice versa, go for portable digital storage. It is somewhat similar to a solid-state drive and flash drive, however, it is smaller in size as compared to them both. Its small size makes it easy to handle as compared to the other two types of hard disks. You can always transfer your media, emails, and archives from a tablet or computer to an Android phone and vice versa.

Keep It in the Cloud

The media, emails, and archives can also be saved in the Cloud. Although it is not a hard drive disk, it is a very common form of storing media and retrieving it whenever we want to. Cloud devices can either be bought or found on your devices as a source of storing media and your other personal documents. Keeping your data in the Cloud is one of the best ways to keep your data safe in a place that does not require any additional storage on your device. All you need to do is to keep your email ID and password safe, and you can access your stored data any time you want to. Network Attached Storage or NAS, is another amazing source of storing data just like the Cloud. NAS is recommended for office use or other places where more than one user is involved. NAS is also a great choice for gamers, programmers, and web designers.

So these were a few things you need to look for in a hard disk drive. Despite the numerous types of hard disk drives, the main function remains the same that is the storage of data. Other than this, there are certain features that make one stand out among others. So, look for your preferences and then select your favorite one.