What is Microsoft Teams and How Does it Work for Students and Teachers?

Microsoft Teams is the best collaboration platform out there right now. Using this modern tool, you can collaborate and work with multiple teams efficiently. You will learn to grow how to be an ultimate multitasker and a leader using this tool.

Using this tool, you can complete each session on time without having to leave your personal space. This tool allows for video conference calls and multiple other features effectively. In short,  Microsoft Teams is the modern tool that every remote team needs today.

Therefore, in this blog, get familiarized with the best uses and benefits of this tool for every student and teacher.

Share files and submit work on time!

Each student can quickly submit his or her assignment online now. They don’t need to worry about submitting late or wonder how to submit big files. Microsoft Teams handles this with ease.

Therefore, your essential online submissions are going to be on time without having to step outside the house. This is the most crucial step if there is any lockdown going on in your area and you don’t want to disrupt your education.

Conduction of online exams

This collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams, can quickly help teachers and educators conduct various examinations online. We all know that education holds great importance in our lives. It mustn’t stop. So, teachers can feel comfortable using this tool for conducting an easy and live examination of each batch.

Online conferences

Even teachers need to conduct meetings regularly with their staff for standardization of operations. Being in a lockdown scenario, it’s a bit tough. But with the help of Microsoft Teams, that’s now possible.

There is an easy option for multiple people to get online on the Teams software. So, the streaming will also be the best even when you have a low internet speed. Then, you (an educator) discuss SOPs of the institution’s education modules for long hours with other teachers.

Host private and public events

It’s essential for teachers to attend and host seminars often. These can be free and paid or public and private seminars. All these formats are possible using this modern collaboration tool we are talking about in the blog.

So, teachers, trainers, mentors, and educators can easily set up their own channels. They can change the setting of the channel and make it available to only a few or all the public in general.

Group study sessions

Students leverage Microsoft Teams for getting better knowledge on complex topics by studying in an online group. It can be both audio or video generated. Otherwise, it can be a mix of both. One can become the host, and the rest can be the participants. It can work like a video- or audio-conferencing call.

The host can mute others while narrating or explaining a difficult chapter. Later, one after another, the participants get to ask doubts. These can be through audio, video, or chat medium.

In short, this software gives students enough comfort and ease to learn even the most difficult chapters online. And students (participants) can mute themselves while the other person is on video.

Make voice calls for free.

If you (students and teachers) are having a bad network area on your mobile phones, use Microsoft Teams. It has the feature to initiate voice and video calls. It will only use your internet connectivity to engage in calls.

This feature is the best for students and teachers to be in touch with each other even when they are miles apart.

Conduct parent-teaching meetings online

Teachers find it productive to conduct one-on-one video calls with students and their parents using this software online. This is an encrypted software.

Therefore, every chat, voice, or video call is secured. It’s difficult for any third party to know which chat room you are in or who you are talking to right now on the call. Therefore, the entire session between teachers, students, and parents is safe and secured.

Use emojis and make the interaction fun.

Students and teachers can use emoticons to make the entire learning session fun and interactive. This works well for young students. Additionally, using emoticons can make even the most challenging and boring chapter fun to learn online.

Therefore, it actually bridges the emotional gap between teachers and students. Their psyche matches at some level using those funny, respectable, lovely, and cute emoticons.