What is Raycast and why you need it for your Mac

AI has come a long way. In the past month or two, it seems there’s something groundbreaking coming along every day. While ChatGPT may have been the catalyst, the Raycast browser has been focused on boosting productivity since before the recent AI onslaught.

With the help of a Raycast review and their recent announcements, we have put together a piece on why you may want to reconsider which browser you use, even if it does feel like a big-effort change.

What is Raycast?

Raycast is a productivity-oriented browser designed specifically for Mac users. Unlike traditional browsers, Raycast focuses on getting things done faster outside of just browsing by offering a more efficient interface and smart integrations.

If you have wondered “what are the ways in which we can leverage the ChatGPT API with other software and areas of our life, web browsing is a good example. Before we touch on their implementation of AI, there are a lot of basic tools that it does very well.

No login is required for Raycast which helps keep data anonymous as it stays on the computer locally. For so many years, Chrome was the go-to, even more Mac users. But with ChatGPT and Bing threatening the very existence of Google’s search engine, it’s unsurprising that people are beginning to question whether their current browser is the best tool for them given the changes that are going on around us.

Raycast Integrations

The primary reason users seem to fall in love with Raycast is its ability to integrate with popular productivity tools that they already use. By connecting your favorite apps like GitHub, Jira, and Slack, users are streamlining their workflow and accessing essential information without ever leaving the browser. Whether it’s creating and managing GitHub issues, changing Spotify tracks, or quickly sending messages in Slack – it can all be done in the browser.

In fact, it can’t be understated how useful these integrations are for digital nomads and remote workers. Because more can get done in one window, there’s less need for extra monitors or display real estate. Macbooks are often 13-inch displays, or 15-inch, but nonetheless, workers are increasingly limited to ad hoc offices and go without a dual-monitor set-up.

With its open extension platform, users can customize their workflow even further by creating or installing extensions tailored to their needs. Whether you’re looking to automate repetitive tasks or add specific functionality to your browser, Raycast’s extension platform has you covered.


Raycast is looking to implement more and more AI into their browser. Currently, ChatGPT is available as an extension, but they’re not looking to just stop there. For those on the waiting list, there is a lot to look forward to, though it’s not exactly clear on the price features of this AI technology.

Currently, it seems that LLMs will be used, as a way to rephrase passages of text in their browser (i.e. for a Tweet). ChatGPT will be better integrated, meaning users will not have to go to the dedicated website to use it. Tasks will be accelerated without coding experience, meaning it can ramp up developers’ productivity.

Ultimately, this is less about specific features right now and more about APIs. Raycast is looking to become the hub of a larger ecosystem, in which users can connect to many different new technologies natively inside their browsers, keeping things streamlined and simple.


Design is also important to users. This is actually why Chrome was so successful, because it was more minimal and clean early on compared to other browsers. In addition to its focus on productivity and customization, Raycast’s design is aimed at reducing distractions and promoting focus. With fewer visual elements competing for your attention, you can concentrate on what matters most: getting things done.

Raycast also supports various visual themes, allowing you to personalize the browser’s appearance to match your preferences. By providing a visually appealing and comfortable environment, it’s conducive to working more efficiently and effectively.

Finally, beyond visual design, there’s an attempt to make things more efficient through keyboard shortcuts. The aim of this, just like the other benefits of Raycast, is to prevent users from having to go outside of their browser or taking longer than it needs to complete basic tasks. Things like switching between websites and tabs, or interacting with page elements, are all easily done through shortcuts. Again, it’s ideal for those without a mouse, because trackpads can be slow (well, even mouse users can be slow, too).

Final Word

Raycast is a breath of fresh air in a world of bloated and resource-heavy browsers. That feeling you get when you consider how AI is changing the world right now – well, you won’t feel like you’re being left behind when using Raycast. With its keyboard-centric navigation, powerful AI integrations, and clean design, Raycast is the perfect companion for any Mac user looking to boost their productivity and streamline their workflow.