What Should You Know About Insurance Marketing Automation?

The insurance sector is witnessing a rapid transformation due to unprecedented economic, financial, and regulatory changes. It is a not-as-usual business approach since insurance companies face difficulties like rising capital requirements and changing customer requirements.

The insurance industry cannot go with the pace and traditional methods it had been following for decades.  It needs to evolve with the help of technology to meet the new challenges of the 21st century.

The insurance industry needs to embrace a structural change in the form of automation. To make things simple for you, this article discusses the used forms of insurance marketing automation.

Personalized Customers Experiences

Personalized customer experiences play an essential role in a successful sale. According to a leading market report, 80% of customers prefer to buy from businesses that offer personalized customer experiences.  The report also states that 52% of customers prefer switching brands if the company does not offer a personalized experience.

If your insurance company is not offering personalized customer experiences, you are more likely to lose customers to your competitor.  With insurance marketing automation, it is easier for insurance companies to reach the masses with personalized messages which reflect their desires and meet their expectations.

How Does Marketing Automation Help?

The marketing team can create triggers to send customized emails to prospects and customers. For example, a visitor is surfing a different section of your website without making a purchase; you can send a personalized email to the customer with a discount on insurance purchase.

Similarly, suppose any customer has not responded to your offer for a long time or has not visited your website. In that case, you can send a reminder email that will bring your insurance products to the forefront.  You could add a tempting offer in the email that could bring back the customer to your portal.

The automation of insurance marketing can help customize lead capture forms.  The profiling tools can tailor the lead capture form so that customers are needed to enter information that is important to them.  The automation technology can create dynamic content for the user to engage prospects and customers with marketing material that encourages conversion.

Coordination With Sales Team

The marketing and sales team is two crucial pillars of every insurance business. The increased competition and changing business landscape calls for better coordination between the marketing and sales team. It is not viable for these departments to function separately.

The sales team needs access to customer engagement records like website pages they have accessed, emails, and phone call exchanges. The sales department needs this information to understand the customer requirements and propose an insurance product that fits the bill.

How Does Marketing Automation Help?

The marketing automation tool can send real-time alerts to the sales team when the prospect is interacting with marketing materials.  It allows the sales team to move swiftly and interact with the customer when he/she is more likely to buy the product.  The interaction can be in the form of a phone call or an email offering a customized offer to entice the customer.

Use Gated Content to Attract New Customers

Gated content refers to a new approach where the visitor has to complete a form before accessing a website section. The gated content approach is useful in capturing the useful data of prospects.  The business landscape and customer preferences have changed, and insurance companies cannot wholly rely on word-of-mouth publicity.

Today, insurance companies have to prove their worth to customers daily.  The biggest challenge for insurance companies is the freedom of choice the customer enjoys. The Internet has provided the customer with an easy-to-use tool to compare insurance products and choose the best that suits their requirements.

How Does Marketing Automation Help?

Marketing automation can help you learn about customer preferences by using gated content.  Insurance companies can learn about customer preferences and create engaging landing pages based on captured information. Insurance companies can use customer preferences to promote relevant content to prospects that will increase customer engagement and higher conversions.

Insurance companies can create landing pages with keywords that the user is more likely to click.  They can use marketing automation for progressive profiling, where the dynamic forms change as you collect more information about prospects. The progressive profiling technique can ensure the form does not have repetitive or unwanted questions, and the prospect fills the form.

Insurance companies can use the information captured through lead forms or the segmentation of prospects. It will allow insurance companies to design insurance products that meet the needs of different customer segments.

To sum up, insurance marketing automation is the need of the hour for insurance companies to rise over competition and deliver winning campaigns.