What To Expect From Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’ March 8 Event

To everyone’s surprise, Apple had suddenly started sending out invites less than a week before its ‘Peek Performance’ event which is going to take place on March 8. Everyone wants to know what new products Apple has in store for us. Some surprise entrants are expected that you might not have anticipated. We will look into some of the important aspects.

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Apple will update the iPad Air 5 but design changes are not expected. It has been a year and a half since Apple introduced the iPad Air5 , and while we do not believe the iPad Air 5 will receive a design change, the hardware upgrades will count for more. The updated tablet is expected to possess the same A15 Bionic that is present in the iPhone 13 series, along with 5G support, which the iPad Air 4 lacks.

Apple is expected to retain Wi-Fi 6 support for the tablet but retains the same side-mounted fingerprint reader present on the iPad mini 6. Rumor has it that Apple will keep the same $599 starting price for the Wi-Fi-only version as the iPad Air 4 and stop the production of the existing model.

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The iPhone SE 5G is going to be the best Price-to-Performance Product From the company. This device will catch the attention of most Android smartphone owners and will certainly compel a massive percentage. It is also known as iPhone SE 3, like the iPad Air 5, design changes are not expected in it. Reports also claim that this model will use the same 4.7-inch IPS LCD panel as the 2020 iPhone SE, most changes will happen on the inside. An A15 Bionic, which is a step-up in performance and power efficiency compared to the A13 Bionic powering the 2020 version is included in it. The iPhone SE 5G should be the most reasonable iPhone in Apple’s lineup to get 5G support and should entice customers to experience the software ecosystem without spending much.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that the  2020 iPhone SE’s price drop to $199 will work well as a low-cost current-generation iPhone will sell like hot cakes in the developing market.

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Given that the iPhone SE 5G will retain the same chassis as the 2020 model, expect battery life to be abysmal, even with the efficient chipset, because the smartphone’s small size will prevent Apple from using a bigger battery. Then again, the actual product will not be centered on providing the best endurance but the best value.

For all the Touch Bar fans, Apple might introduce an entry-level MacBook Pro model at the March 8 event. Instead of a 2021 MacBook Pro, which does not have a Touch Bar, Apple may consider re-using the shell of the M1 MacBook Pro and outfit it with the more powerful M2. The M2 will be marginally faster than the M1, and is said to contain as many as 10 GPU cores, and 8 CPU cores. Though significantly slower than the M1 Max and M1 Pro, this entry-level MacBook Pro will be much more pocket-friendly than the redesigned versions.

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A launch of the small hardware box with a few upgrades can be expected on March 8. Some reports also claim that the launch of a high-end Mac mini with a thinner design could be expected. This device made of ‘plexiglass’ comes with a magnetic charging port. This is a decent change-up in comparison with the M1 Mac mini. The thinner design will make it more portable. March 8 would host multiple product launches.