Which Automatic Dialing Solution Fits Your Business?

In particular businesses, once-repetitive processes are now benefiting from automation. Sales represents one of those sectors that require technical help because making calls is tedious and time-consuming. The market has several tools to automate sales. Therefore, it is a matter of choosing which solution fits your type of business better.

It is challenging to work in sales because making calls can be monotonous and repetitive, and it takes time to connect with a customer and get them to stay on the line to listen to an agent’s sales pitch. If the customer shows interest, the agent proceeds to close the deal.

In most cases, it will take a few follow-up calls. Before the introduction of automation tools, the sales representative has to manually choose the prospective customers from a list, dial their numbers, keep a detailed log of the call, jot down the key points, and other details regarding customer contact.

Today, call centers can choose from several sales automation tools, such as a predictive dialer and autodialer. As any of these tools can remove the manual task of dialing, sales reps can utilize their time in closing deals and increasing their productivity.

Why do You Need Automated Dialing Software?
Business owners want to see their business grow, and a business service provider is no exception; thus, it needs automated solutions to improve their productivity and quality of their service. Just imagine how much time is spent on repetitive tasks when doing sales calls manually.

With automatic dialing software, the program takes over these manual tasks, enabling the agent to focus more on the call. The software does not remove the human touch from a sales call. Instead, it complements the performance of the agent by liberating them from repetitive processes.

Which Automatic Dialer is Suitable for Your Business?

Choosing between a predictive dialer and an autodialer depends on your business’s requirements.

·Autodialer When you upload the contacts or prospects list into an autodialer, the software starts to call the numbers according to the list’s sequence. It goes through all the numbers, including the wrong numbers, and passes each one to the agents. Still, the agents can opt to drop a saved voicemail if no one answers.

An auto dialer is more suitable for a remote agent setup or a small support group. The program automatically dials one number at a time, which can be as many as 75 to 80 calls every hour. The settings give time for the agents to look at their notes between calls

·         Predictive Dialer Machine learning and its algorithms ensure that a predictive dialer program does not waste sales agents’ time. The software dials several numbers simultaneously, but it will only connect an agent to a number that picks up the call. It also has an option to drop voicemails and allows the agent to send the saved voicemail with the touch of a button. The program learns the pattern from the previous calls, so it can time the next batch of calls to go through only when the agents are close to being available.

Predictive dialers are fit for contact and call centers, big support teams, and enterprises with a team handling outbound sales campaigns that require high call volume.

Each call automation tool has its purpose and benefits. Consider the current limitations your manual processes place on your call center’s output, and how each of these tools could benefit you.