Why Bulk Email Verification and List Cleaning Matters

Is your email contact list complete and professional? Wait, there’s more to come! How clean is your list of addresses, what percentage of deliverability and open letters? How will this and the next newsletter affect your reputation as a sender? Mass verification of contacts from your list will help to find answers to these questions. And the accurate and effective service also ensures that you never expose your campaigns to spam traps, complaints, high bounce rates and other unpleasant things. If you regularly do bulk email verify, then you have every chance to achieve the B2B target prospects. You’ll be able to get great delivery-open-purchase conversion rates and improve your business’s profitability.

What Does Bulk Email Verification Mean?

Mass mailing of emails is a key channel of promotion and sales in marketing. Therefore, the hygiene of the address list is very acute for each company. It often happens that the success of a campaign does not even depend on the number of contacts, but on their quality. There may be fewer addresses than it was initially, but the result will be higher. Using email verification bulk, you can remove addresses that cannot be delivered to your campaigns before they are sent. Modern software checks will analyze your every subscriber using a variety of validation tools from its arsenal. Thus, the validity of a particular record is confirmed, and invalid accounts are omitted. A quality application guarantees verification accuracy of 97%.

Each bulk email validator online tries to provide a healthy and active list of addresses that are assigned to real people, not bots. Despite the fact that all services have their own verification algorithms, all of them are aimed at removing spam traps, dummy and inactive addresses. This way you can improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by increasing the percentage of deliverability. The ability to no longer send letters to nowhere will save you not only time but also money.

A bulk email verification service like Proofy allows you to bulk check email addresses using a variety of technologies, from standard to professional ones. The application conducts all operations online, and you do not need to download software to your PC. The same goes for the specifics of the verification. Proofy works from its own IP addresses, so you don’t have to worry about your reputation or the fact that your subscribers will be bothered. Testing bulk email address validation happens so that you see what status each contact has, its risk level, etc. At the same time, active and valid users are confirmed, while they will not know that they were actually checked.

How a Bulk Email Verification Service Works

The operation of the verification service is based on the following methods:

  • address deduplication. Elimination of duplicate user entries;
  • syntax check. Selection of contacts whose data is recorded correctly;
  • domain verification. Identifying addresses with invalid domains;
  • SMTP validation. Simulation of sending emails through SMTP servers;
  • risk check. Studying of risk addresses and assigning them with the status;
  • MX record verification. Verification of records for existence;
  • online processing. Real-time checks.

To start mass verification of email addresses, you need to go through a simple and quick registration, upload a file with a contact database in the required format to the site and get the result.

Professional software such as Proofy uses far more verification tools than we described above. In addition, the service provides the ability to integrate the email verification API into your own website or corporate system.So you can bulk email verify using its full potential when creating your marketing campaigns.

Verifier accuracy is the most important aspect when working with it. Thus, the ability to perform validation in real time significantly increases the effectiveness of verification, because the current user records are taken as a basis. Only a cloud service can do it. Therefore, choose a bulk email validator online that is able to work with huge lists of cold contacts. We recommend mistrusting cheap or completely free services that can check up to a maximum of 5 thousand records.

Another point that you should pay attention to when working with validators is the speed of verification. Information is usually made public in a short time. It takes from 15 minutes to 2 hours to process, depending on the size of your list. For example, Proofy processes a list of 100,000 emails in 45 minutes, which is a good indicator.

Benefits of Email List Verification for B2B Marketing

The following reasons for bulk email address validation is just the tip of the iceberg called Healthy Return on Investment, but they can show you what you can get in the future. So, the benefits of validation for B2B marketing:

  1. improved deliverability. You will receive the result of the delivery of letters in 98.5%, by cleaning the cold list and turning it into an active and targeted;
  2. increased conversions. Sending letters to real users interested in your services / products will allow you to get reliable metrics to correct your content and attract a larger audience;
  3. profitability growth. Improving conversions, primarily “delivery-opening-purchase”, will allow you to get more sales and, as a result, more profit;
  4. healthy reputation. Counteracting spam traps, decoys and the presence of inactive and fictitious entries in your list will affect your sender reputation in the best way.

Well, are you ready to take your campaigns to the next level? Then let’s go!

Verify your List and Send Cold Campaigns from a Single Platform

If you are looking for professional bulk email validator online, check out Proofy. It is a versatile platform for clearing cold email lists. This software belongs to the category of a new sample, since it allows you to avoid failures and catch all dead records. With Proofy, you can increase email deliverability by preserving your domain’s mailing address and increasing the speed of opening emails. Moreover, the agency has prepared a lot of pleasant bonuses. This is 500 free checks for new users, a program where you can earn up to 50,000 free checks, discounts of up to 40% and a starting price of just $0.006 for 1 check. Follow the link proofy.io/bulk-email-verification-service/ to create and optimize effective campaigns right now!