Why cricket failed to become popular in USA and Canada

Each person belongs to a certain type of culture, speaks their native language, with a certain religion and culinary traditions. But no matter where you were born, it’s safe to say that every country has an athletic sport, which is the most popular sport with billions of fans around the world.

Watching and participating in any sport is a very popular pastime. Whether you prefer to play football, golf, or just enjoy going out for a run, there are a myriad of different sports in the world. From England to Australia, from America to South Africa, millions of people follow their idols on TV. Watching sports events is a good way to entertain yourself. For example, you can watch a football match with your friends. Sport unites people all over the world. Especially now, when we all have the access to the internet and can bet cricket online or be engaged in other activity.

The reasons for comparison two kinds of sport

Cricket originated in England in the 16th century, but today the game has fans in Europe, Africa and Asia. But this sport is not popular in America or Canada. This is most likely due to the fact that cricket is very similar to American baseball.

Baseball and cricket are considered to be quite popular bats and ball games. They are loved in many countries. Both originated in England. Despite many similarities, cricket and baseball are different. The latter can be reflected in the rules, gameplay. For example, both sports are team sports, but cricket has eleven people and baseball has nine. Both games are quite exciting, however, the first is preferred more by British countries, and the second sport is popular in the USA and Canada. It is the comparative analysis that makes it possible to reveal all the subtleties that characterize each game.

What is cricket

This is not only about the cult English outdoor game, as you might think at first glance. But also about a part of the culture and history of Britain, an integral feature of the nation. It is generally impossible to imagine England without this sport. For cricket matches, an oval grass field is required, in the central zone of which there is a pitch — a rectangle of three by twenty meters. At its ends there are special areas called crises with wooden gates. The game takes place in the presence of two teams, each of which must have eleven participants and one spare.

To earn points, you need to hit the ball with the bat and run to the opposite side of the pitch. You can also get a point if the opponent has violated the rule of the game. The person who throws the ball is called a bowler.

Baseball at a glance

All competitions are held according to the official rules. They are quite challenging for a beginner. But there are a few basic points that will help you understand the gameplay:

  • The game involves two teams of nine people.
  • Each team has its own task: some are attacking, the other is defending. The former must run more times than the opponent, and the latter must take three players out of the game.
  • The main gameplay takes place between the pitcher and the butter. It all depends directly on how the submission is made and reflected. You can make nine innings per game.
  • The team is able to earn several points in one hit. The maximum is four.

Baseball has to have a big base to hit. And while running, the bat will need to be thrown.