Why Cryptocurrency Is Still A Valid Field To Invest In

Have you ever heard about Bitcoin? Or cryptocurrency in general?

In layman’s terms, Bitcoin is a digital currency and a network that enables a new payment system using digital money. It is also a decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that it powered by users with no central authority or middleman.

If you have heard about Bitcoin or been reading the best cryptocurrency news sites, you probably know that its price has always been changing. Or that people have been making hundreds of thousands or millions based on this trend.

Or most probably – that its drop in 2019 leads to a bubble and a potential failure in the long run.

What you don’t know, however, is the following…

Bitcoin Is Not A Bubble And Will Always Stay Relevant

According to a lot of experts, cryptocurrency is still a valid field to invest in. Even though Bitcoin has fallen from $20k to $3k in less than 6 months, the pessimists saying that it is a bubble have nothing against it.

The truth is, Bitcoin was a bubble when its price was $30. When it reached $300, it was labeled as a bubble again. And the same thing happened when it was at $20,000.

“Formally, an asset bubble is just a rapid rise and abrupt crash in prices.” – Noah Smith

Right now, the price of Bitcoin is more than $4,000 and even more people are saying it is a bubble. But even if it was – the bubble popped and it is time for new heights, according to a lot of investors.

So while Bitcoin has managed to go up and down, its current stability predicts a new trend on the horizon. Now, what is the best way to earn from its potential gains?

The Best Way To Earning From Crypto Is By Being Informed

Just like stocks, mutual funds, bonds and all of the papers worth money, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin need to be understood so that you can trade on them. Most of the successful traders make money based on insights, fresh news, speculations and stories that circulate in the latest cryptocurrency news sections.

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In case you didn’t get it just yet, here are the four main reasons why it is not too late to invest in crypto and Bitcoin:

1.The current value of the market is just a fraction of the worth of some companies

The current total market cap is just under $200 billion – a number which is significantly small compared to the current valuation of companies such as Amazon and Apple. So, if cryptocurrencies achieve the long-term vision of becoming the ‘new form of money’ a large percentage of the world would be using cryptocurrencies.

2.Institutional money is still not there

A lot of institutional investors are making moves towards cryptocurrencies. In fact, companies like JPMorgan, Fidelity, Morgan Stanley and even PayPal are investing in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This is a clear sign that now may be the best time to get in the market.

3.The industry has a lot of room for growth

We all remember Bitcoin at $20k, right? This means that it can be done – and BTC could grow more. Even though cryptocurrencies already do solve the issues related to money transfer, the use of blockchain still has several issues that require resolution. As the technologies develop and investors mature, we could see a lot of growth in the space – both in terms of usage and market cap.

4.Crypto has a potential to become a store-of-value

Cryptocurrencies are not state-owned or government-directed. As such, they are no physical and inflict no physical burdens to carry. With wallet addresses and private keys or hardware wallets, they can be a store of wealth – especially in times of crisis. One big proof for that is Venezuela’s economic crisis and the need for Bitcoin which many saw beneficial.

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