Why Fleet Vehicle Tracking Is Good For Employees

A GPS tracking system is a modern multi-functional tool to control transport. With its help it is possible to solve the most complex tasks of managing and monitoring fleets either for small businesses or companies which have a fleet of hundreds vehicles.  A GPS monitoring system covers a number of tools for vehicle monitoring.

Today the market of GPS tracking systems and software is filled with a huge variety of manufacturers, so it is very difficult to choose really suitable one. Unlike most simple navigation and security systems, uboro software provides maximum control over the condition of the vehicle, including its location, covered distance, schedule, speed, the conditions of transported goods, etc.


With the help of such software you will be able:

  1. To monitor compliance with the route and speed limits.
  2. To track the location of your vehicles, personnel and cargo.
  3. To manage, lock, disable fuel supply, etc.
  4. Control equipment and devices in car, boat, etc.
  5. To implement a security feature.
  6. To reduce your risks.
  7. To reduce expenditures.
  8. To reduce the time of delivery.
  9. To optimize work.
  10. Provide timely assistance to the driver or employee in case of emergencies.



Fuel consumption and savings monitoring

Fuel consumption depends on mileage, car model and using conditions. There are four main reasons why actual fuel consumption may exceed the norm:

  • Technical malfunction or maladjustment of the engine.
  • Constant speeding.
  • The use a service car for personal purposes by drivers.
  • Fuel drain driver.

Traffic monitoring system allows you to monitor fuel consumption and to eliminate all these causes.

  • If you know the exact distance, the norm and the actual fuel consumption, you can determine if the engine needs adjustment or repair.
  • You can set the maximum-allowable speed for each driver, the monitoring system will capture all cases of violations of the speed limit, and you will be able to apply fines to the driver.
  • Tracking of received routes allows you to completely eliminate the use of cars for personal purposes. Even if the driver turns off the tracker, there will be a note about it in the report, and you will be able to take measures.

Increase drivers’ discipline

The absolute majority of hired drivers use service car for personal needs. Full control over the actions of drivers can drastically change their discipline and attitude to work. Then productivity is significantly increased and you will no longer listen to tales on the phone about a broken wheel and delay on the road, being unable to verify the words of the driver.

Detailed routes

All models of trackers allow you to track routes. All the routes are stored on the server. The coordinates of the stop points are converted to addresses. Thus, users can maintain their own “address book” and make it not only addresses but also the names of control points. So drivers have no chance to deviate from the set route.

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