Why is Cheating Common in Relationships?

Many relationship experts have tried to find out what could be the reasons that push human beings to cheat on their spouses, especially married couples. Most of the https://cheatingspouses.net/ responses to the queries of relationship counselors vary and sometimes leads to confusion.

These variations, in a real sense, could be grounded in the fact that every human being is unique, and we tend to react to specific issues differently. Such problems are the infidelity in monogamous marriage and cheating amongst partners.

We cannot easily ignore the fact that over 40% of married people cheat on their partners [1], while that does not mean that unmarried people do not cheat on their partners; the figure is even higher in the yet unmarried people. Probably, because of the lack of commitment or they are not yet convinced they are meant for each other and several other excuses that might be available to analyze the situation.

Some of the common reasons by these cheating spouses are not limited to the following:

  1. Frustration in Marriage:

Dissatisfaction in a relationship leads many into cheating. The cheating spouses often try to make several attempts to find a solution to an issue in the marriage but to no avail. Frustration leads him or her to start having second thoughts about the union.

How different people handle frustration differs, and we can also trace it down to their childhood days. Many had been neglected or had suffered child abuse or had cheating parents, which can trigger that sense of insecurity and consequently make them avoid commitments in a relationship. Cheaters often do not have empathy and are not bothered by the outcome of their actions. They simply do not consider monogamy as something valuable.

  1. Lack of Intimacy:

Couples grow apart when there are no or little intimate moments in their relationship. Intimacy involves regular sex and communication. When this moment is lacking in a relationship, drifting couples tend to cheat on their partners consciously or unconsciously. Many people do not know the new update about their partners, what they are craving to tryout, what they are experiencing deep within, or what they might need you to do for, and with them. Some couples feel unappreciated and look for alternative options.

Physical intimacy and sex usually decline after a few years of marriage, and when kids are already in the picture. The attention tends to be diverted, and if not adequately addressed early enough, one or both partners might end up cheating. Of course, several other factors might be responsible for the decline in physical intimacy and set aside time and kids; others are

  • physical and health conditions,
  • different sex drive,
  • stress,
  • side effects of medication,
  • history of sexual abuse,
  • lack of active communication,
  • relationship issues (misunderstanding) and many others
  1. Individual Difference and Lifestyle:

Let us face it, we all have our differences, and that also comes into play in our relationships.

  • Some get bored quickly with specific activities, so, trying new adventures is inevitable.
  • Falling out of love is another factor why people cheat.
  • Many aging people still want to prove that they are “still there” by trying out younger people. In such situations, you will find in a middle-aged man (or woman) having sexual affairs with someone way more youthful than they are.
  • Not many people have the desire to take revenge for harm or disloyalty, but those that look for revenge may end up having affairs.


We have considered some common reasons why partners cheat in this article, and it is important to note is that the partner of a cheating spouse is never the reason why they cheat. No matter what the situation is, cheating spouses are solely responsible for their actions.

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