Why it is important to have a proven anti-virus program in 2017

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In 2017, technology is better than ever before. Unfortunately, as technology continues to advance, so do hackers. Fraudsters out there are increasingly finding new ways to exploit our safety online in order to take our personal and financial information. This is why it’s essential to have anti-virus software. You may think that laptop and PCs in 2017 will come equipped with sufficient software to keep out any malware, however, you would be mistaken.

Still, you don’t need to go out and buy the most expensive and seemingly advanced software on the market in order to protect your computer from viruses. Often, the best anti-virus software is free and will out-perform the most well-known brands out there. What is essential is that you find a top free antivirus program to protect your computer from the latest viruses out there. Not only do you risk exposing your personal information if you fail do so but your laptop or PC may become unusable, causing you great stress and even further expensive.

Whether you use your laptop for casual web browsing, social media, online banking, school, shopping, blogging, running a website, or even to run your business, it is pivotal to protect your computer and data from harmful viruses, malware, and any other malicious activity. Nowadays, the majority of our lives are spent online and a large aspect of our lives requires the internet, thus it pays to download a reputable antivirus program.

With so many free anti-virus programs on the market, there really is no excuse for not protecting yourself and your PC. Sophos is just one of many anti-virus programs perfect for anti-phishing and malicious URL blocking. The software offers a simple interface and provides strong remote monitoring and management and is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. In the past, Sophos has tailored its services to business users, but recently, it has turned its day to the everyday consumer. In 2014, a survey revealed that some 85% of UK households now own a computer and one year later, some 87.9% of the adult population in the UK had used the internet daily and with those figures continuing to rise, you can probably guess that so do the opportunities for hackers. Thus, it’s essential you protect yourself with anti-virus software.

Sophos isn’t the only anti-virus software program on the market that will cost you nothing whilst still protecting you from the malware out there. Avast Pro! Has been protecting consumers from malicious software since 2001 and offers a range of useful functions. Such functions include 24/7 phone support and impressive detection ratings. The software will regularly scan your system and highlight any potential harmful viruses and rid them from your device. One of the best things about Avast is that it will analyze your computer’s apps for updates, applications not up to date are more susceptible to attacks from hackers, so this really is a highly useful function.

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