Why New Trustly Casinos Are So Popular with Gamers

There was once a time when you had to wait days to be able to withdraw the money from your betting account. Now, however, those days are long gone. There are more innovative ways than ever for you to make your deposit and you can also take advantage of instant money transfers too.

One reason why things have changed so much is down to the rise of Trustly. Companies such as this have helped to change the online gaming space as we know it. They have launched the Pay and Play solution which gives people the chance to take advantage of fast payments. The benefits for operators are wide and varied. If you want to find out why this is so popular with players, or why you should sign up with a casino that offers this then take a look below.

What is Pay and Play?

Pay and Pay is essentially a payment option. It allows you to withdraw your money whenever you want and you can also do this on several betting sites too. The product actually launched back in 2015 and ever since then, it has gained a real reputation for efficiency and even trust. This is especially the case within the iGaming space.

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The great thing about this innovation is that as a player, you do not need to go through a whole registration process before you can play. You just need to identify your information when you make your deposit. Right now there are hundreds of brands that are using the platform and this is great, to say the least.

Casino Player Benefits

If you are a player then one of the biggest benefits you can take advantage of, when signing up with a new Trustly casino, would be the fact that you do not have to go through a huge process for verifying your profile. After you have made your deposit, Trustly simply adopts the Know Your Customer information or the KYC, and this helps to verify everything on the betting site. At the same time as this, you will then be able to link the account in general.


If you have spent a lot of time on a betting site then there is a high chance that you have encountered quite a long waiting time when it comes to your withdrawal. Since then though, Trustly have been able to eliminate this issue with ease.

Withdrawing with Pay and Play is very easy and it is also instant. This is especially the case when you look at the fact that 94% of people who sign up with a casino want to be able to take advantage of instant withdrawals.

Using a service such as Trustly helps to make sure that the player has a great deal of security too. To begin with, KYC checks mean that you are fully compliant with the latest regulations. The Stockholm company has said that they only ever use high-level encryption and on top of this, you can also take advantage of the fact that the customer’s bank is being legitimized.

Trustly also works to clear any information from users as soon as the general transaction is complete. The great thing about doing this is that it makes sure that all of the details are not held for longer than they have to be, which is a major concern for the casino sector.

Merchant Benefits

Sure, Trustly offers a ton of benefits for players, but did you know that it also offers a ton of benefits for merchants too? Pay and Play is a great choice for online gaming sites. Operators can easily improve their user experience by skipping out on the whole registration stage. This is where around 25% of players drop out.

One more perk is that casino sites can ensure compliance with ease. They don’t have to do a great deal of manual work and they can also protect themselves against any malicious, or outside forces. Thanks to the overall efficiency, this helps operators to improve loyalty. At the end of the day, having another way to deposit and then withdraw is a great way for people to improve their lifetime value.


So as you can see, Trustly is a great investment and it is becoming evident that it’s a great way for you to improve your user experience while making sure that the site itself stays protected. Why not keep up to date with this story for yourself today?