Will 5G Revolutionise Mobile Gaming?

Various forms of gaming have provided millions of people with entertainment during some tough times in recent years. However, as thing begin returning to normal across the planet, what lies ahead for the mobile gaming industry? We are all used to having a broad selection of mobile games at our fingertips and as the mobile devices themselves get better, the games will follow suit.

One of the key aspects of playing mobile games is an internet connection. While it is possible to install some mobile games and play them offline, the best games need to be connected to the internet to operate and the most recent games have been using 4G. We are now beginning to move away from 4G and onto 5G and this change could revolutionise mobile gaming.

To the casual mobile gamer, this may seem like a small thing but a change from playing online mobile games using 4G to 5G will mean faster speeds, in fact, 5G could be ten times faster than 4G, which is incredible. That means faster downloads, with the game of your choice installing on your mobile device in a matter of seconds, even for heavy games. However, the one major gain will be latency and this is set to massively change online mobile gaming.

When playing online mobile games, a reliable internet connection is necessary. However, if the latency is high, it means you will see a lag between the input on your device and the response of that input on the screen. Even the delay of a two seconds can be the difference between success and failure when playing an online mobile game. Live casino games are a good example and if you are playing a game of poker with a real dealer, you cannot afford to have a delay due to a slow internet connection. Even if you were playing a slot game or automated game of roulette at a mobile casino, any sort of delay in your input could cost you the game and a lot of money if you are gambling.

Not only does the introduction of 5G mean mobile gaming should become more dependable, but it will also make the playing experience smoother, even with multiple players. Imagine playing some of the popular video games with hundreds of other gamers at the same time, with unnoticeable lag. That is a possibility using 5G and even professional esports events have started to use 5G for their tournaments and that underlines the quality of the connection.

In addition to smoother gameplay and no lag, 5G will revolutionise mobile gaming because cloud based gaming will become more viable. When playing cloud based mobile games, the user is not required to download the game as it can be accessed remotely. This means, the capabilities of each individual smartphone will become less of an issue in terms of running the latest mobile games. As long as the device is connected to 5G, it will be able to run the latest games via the cloud and that is a massive step in mobile gaming.