Windows 8.1 Will be Free Through Windows Store

Last week we had confirmed that Windows Blue will be called Windows 8.1 and would be an update to Windows. We now know this update will be free through the Windows store and will not be a service pack. It seems like Microsoft is finally getting it and offering seamless and free OTA (over the air) updates for their operating system.

windows blue

Will this be the end of Service Packs? Most likely as OTA updates are much easier to manage and we already use them on many of our other devices. So I guess this is goodbye to the Service Pack feature that originally arrived with Windows XP.

Windows 8.1 will have many fixes based on user’s feedback of Windows 8. Many think that this will be the return of Desktop mode and the start button. We will know for sure next month when Microsoft is set to show off Windows 8.1 on June 26th.

Source: Fudzilla | News Archive

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