Windows Blue Rumored To Replace Windows 8 In August 2013

After only four months, insiders speculate that Windows 8 will become obsolete. The rumors for the new Windows Blue first surfaced last August and have continued to grow in popularity despite no official comments from Microsoft. According to inside sources, Windows Blue will not be a simple service pack but will include significant improvements to the operating system’s search capabilities.

windows blue

The leaked information leads some sources to speculate that Windows Blue is the code name for a series of dramatic system updates and will mark the beginning of one year rolling revisions, instead of Microsoft’s normally three-year scheduled updates. Similar to Apple’s “Big Cat” update for OS X, Windows Blue is rumored to be systematically smoother and more user friendly. Unlike Apple, however, the new system updates will be available free of charge for up-to-date Windows users.

While Microsoft hasn’t officially released any information, job listings on their website related to Microsoft Blue continue to fuel speculations of its impending existence. Additionally, The Verge’s Tom Warren reported that Microsoft plans to allow the public to preview Windows Blue long before its assumed August release date.

Windows Blue Features

Improvements to the Kernel

Assuming the rumors are true, Windows Blue will offer numerous tweaks, including vast improvements to the kernel.  The kernel will be more deeply optimized and have a smaller disk footprint, resulting in faster boot times and improved power consumption.

Better Search

Another significant change will be an improvement to the search charm functionality, which supposedly the Bing team is working closely with Windows to improve. This upgrade will boast a front and center search component. Windows Blue’s search will include a context and application awareness function which allows the system to dig deeper into available apps, provide quick previews and then rapidly launch the related app. Users will also be able to search recommended applications that play content, such as videos.

Mobile Friendly

In regards to mobile users, Windows Blue will accommodate smaller tablets that are in the 7-8 inch range. The tiled interface will still be implemented, but the user will have additional customization options, such as tile resizing.

In addition to the Windows Blue launch, Microsoft will supposedly release their new browser, Internet Explorer 11, at this time. Whether or not this rumor will be verified or has any substance is hard to say but we are certainly excited to see what happens. Check back later for updates!

The author of this post Andrew is an instructor at Phoenix TS, a Microsoft training company located in Columbia, MD.