WooCommerce Themes Winners 2022 On TemplateMonster

Ratings are always of interest to buyers. Based on them, as well as on reviews, people often make purchases. We also keep our finger on the bullet and study different awards and victories among Woo Commerce themes. Consider the winners from the TOP 3 according to the famous marketplace TemplateMonster. We chose this site as an expert. The guys have been working on the market for a long time. They cooperate with many developers and are well versed in various products for websites and online businesses.

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Reasons To Buy On Marketplaces

WooCommerce is one of the most famous plugins. It helps create a full-fledged, functional online store from a regular WordPress website with all the necessary tools for online sales. However, there is one point – to build a truly successful business, you need to buy a cool template with a design for the site. It greatly affects the attractiveness of the portal, improves its usability, and gives buyers a lot of conveniences..

Experts often recommend installing paid Woo Commerce themes, preferably ones created by independent developers. There are several logical reasons for this:

  • A smaller number of people download these offers from independent sources. If you get lazy and load regular WordPress themes, you won’t win. Look for other companies providing templates. This is a great chance to stand out from the competition.
  • Products from independent companies are second to none. They may even be better. For example, free bonuses in the form of plugins, additional graphics, etc.
  • Much more attention to customers. Often programmers provide free support, detailed instructions, and constant updates.

TemplateMonster has been cooperating with companies for several years. Therefore, they know a lot about the products’ choices. All payments here are protected. Thus, buyers may safely pay online.

Why Are The Rewards On TemplateMonster Important

Each self-respecting site has its ratings and winners.

Here are a couple of weighty arguments and reasons to believe the ratings on this portal:

  • It has been in the market for several years. Therefore, specialists know the product, and all offer well, objectively understanding the competitiveness of each development.
  • TemplateMonster cooperates with many companies, both experienced and new. This means they don’t have prejudiced opinions or commitments to specific companies.
  • They constantly update the list of offers, form new samples and study new products. So, managers keep their fingers on the pulse, and their opinion can be experts.

So, let’s get to the most interesting part. Who got into the rating list from the website and is recognized as the best option for buying. Please note that these developments are designed for different business types. But due to the layouts’ flexibility, they are easily adaptable and customizable for similar activity areas.

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TOP 3 Award-Winning Developments

We see that the list includes 24 design proposals for websites based on WordPress. We take the first three examples. They are incredibly attractive in price, have different specifics, and are intended for individual businesses.

Another great news is that different companies present all the proposals. Therefore, we see the features of each company’s work.

Soap – Super Option For Small Mid-range Goods Price

Great product presentation is a hallmark. The price is amazing – only $39! Delicate colors indicate that the layouts are best suited for handmade goods, women’s accessories, souvenirs, jewelry, and accessories.

Among the features are the following:

  • Save more than $75 on free bonuses from the creator’s company.
  • Thanks to the fast editing, you can create an unlimited number of layouts at your discretion.
  • Parallax effects. Let the online shop appearance be as modern as possible.
  • Over 18 unique blog styles.
  • Ready for Retina screens. Today, more and more manufacturers are using such screens. Looks great on all devices.
  • Optimized for further SEO promotion. Several preparatory works have been carried out so buyers could quickly receive the desired positions in the ranking.
  • Huge sliders for the presentation of new products and promotional offers.
  • Great Demo, where you may see all the visuals, animations, smooth scrolling, and page components.

A worthy option for creating a fully functional store on a limited budget.

Toolbag – Elementor Woo Commerce Themes Favorite

It isn’t easy to sell tools and specialized equipment over the Internet. That is why firms create mockups focused on use for such areas. This design is different from the previous one and has a purely masculine character. A clear color scheme and ease of execution focus on the goods rather than the site’s appearance. This is important because visitors want to learn more about the characteristics.

Elementor Builder is an excellent solution for both advanced portal experts and beginners. Therefore, the level of buyers’ knowledge isn’t important. Anyone can customize the layouts if they wish.

Responsive design is responsible for sales from mobile devices. It easily and quickly adapts to any screen size and looks equally good and comfortable. Approximate appearance readers may see in the Demo. There are previews on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Multilingual support allows keeping in touch with clients worldwide.

The templates are also SEO optimized and have a list to compare featured goods like the previous winner.

Flipmart – Multifunctional And Versatile Template

It’s better to see the Demo in detail to evaluate the appearance. You immediately appreciate how detailed each page and element is. Stylish, cool, modern – that’s what the look looks like.

The option is perfect for an online equipment shop, headphones, phones, and other equipment. Therefore, it’s customizable for other businesses as well. Therefore, we can call the layouts universal in some way.

What’s cool about the offer:

  • Subscribe to news.
  • Links to the mobile application.
  • Stylish blog.
  • TOP offers.
  • Low price of $49.
  • A large, fully-featured, and presentable slider with smooth scrolling.
  • Animation when hovering over a proposal.
  • Dropdown menu to speed up the search.
  • Programmers used Mailchimp, which saves money on additional costs.
  • Drag and Drop for moving components on pages and for easy editing.

Good option. Fully fulfills its value.


  1. What are Woo Commerce themes?

Designs are suitable for all WordPress sites using the WooCommerce plugin. They have a new ready-made look for the portal. Buyers will be able to edit it at their discretion.

  1. How to choose Woo Commerce themes?

Choose the option that emphasizes the specifics of your business. Watch the preview, and evaluate all the visual components. After all, for the sake of a cool layout, you buy. Also, read the description. Perhaps you’ll find important settings and free bonuses there.

  1. How to find Woo Commerce themes?

You can start the search on the Internet. Fortunately, now there is diversity. Use and buy on trusted sites. For example, the same TemplateMonster.

  1. Is there support for Woo Commerce themes?

Almost every developer provides the service. Confidence in the correct operation programmers guarantee to each buyer.