World’s First GeForce RTX 4090 GPU With Five Fans Launched By MaxSun

Not long ago, MaxSun unveiled its Mega Gamer (MGG) lineup, featuring the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 Ti SKUs. These GPUs exhibit a unique design, setting them apart from MaxSun’s traditionally amusing product names like “Terminator” and “McDonald’s.”

IMG 7511

A notable aspect is the cooling mechanism, which retains a compact 3-slot height but integrates a total of five fans. Notably, two of these compact “Air Boost” fans are inconspicuously positioned on the side. While the larger 10cm and 11cm fans effectively channel air onto a sizable cooler, the smaller fans are crafted to dissipate heat effectively.

A closer look reveals that the newest member of the MGG lineup, the RTX 4090, will indeed employ the same cooling solution as the RTX 4080. Both GPUs will make use of an identical cooler that features a substantial 7000 mm² heat dissipation surface area and an extensive cover vapor chamber.

IMG 7500

The Graphics card features a removable USB-powered display. Comprising LED arrays, this screen can be personalized by users, enabling the inclusion of custom text or graphics. This further enhances the card’s design distinctiveness.

The RTX 4090 MGG arrives as a factory-overclocked variant, showcasing a boost clock of 2580 MHz, indicating a 2.4% overclock compared to its base specifications. It’s important to mention that the card carries an official 450W TDP rating, and there is no indication of any adjustments to the power limits.

IMG 7499

Normally, MaxSun GPUs are mainly targeted at the Chinese domestic market, although they can also be found on global online marketplaces like Aliexpress. Unfortunately, the company has not yet added the RTX 40 series models to its official store. This implies that the RTX 4090 MGG might continue to be an exclusive product accessible solely in China.

Via MaxSun