Xbox 360 “Games with Gold,” is being Extended Indefinitely

Games with Gold, the Xbox 360 monthly free game promo by Microsoft is said to have been extended indefinitely. This is Microsoft’s strategy to tackle with the intense competition which it faced from Sony due to its initiative towards the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Free games on a monthly basis will be awarded to those who pay on a monthly or annual basis for the programs. This program has been extended towards the next gaming console; the PlayStation 4. Whoever has been a member and has been paying for the PS Plus on PS3 or Vita will already have their membership extended for PlayStation 4.


Though Microsoft has taken the initiative to compete with the Sony program but there still hasn’t been any announcement from Microsoft if the Games with Gold will extend to the Xbox One. It has so far only announced that the extension is for Xbox 360 but fans will have to wait for what it has in store for the Xbox One. Games with Gold started off in July this year with the Xbox Live Arcade title Defense Grid. There has been some news on the free games for this month and they are going to be Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and Halo 3.

Source: Xbox Wire | News Archive