Rockstar Working On “Next Version Of A Famous IP”

It seems like the newest title of a famous IP is not so far away as Rockstar is currently working its way towards it and following the huge success and positive feedback after the GTA V, it will definitely not be a wise decision if Rockstar halted its effort towards bringing more for their audience. We do know for sure that it is working on some famous IP but what we don’t know is the name of the franchise but we’re hoping it would be revealed soon.


Rockstar North Studio produced the record breaking GTA V and now it’s time to move forward and bring something more. This news started from the status update of a graphics engineer at Rockstar who wrote about working on the famous IP and it’s the same person who had worked on GTA V and Max Payne 3 previously.


There has been no further information on this newest leak of Rockstar and this has fired up the guessing game once again as everyone speculates what the newest famous IP will be. Some are of the view that the next version of Bully might be on its way up to the release. On the other hand, a lot of gamers had been demanding the PC compatible version of the infamous GTA V. Maybe Rockstar is hinting towards the development of the PC version of the GTA along with its version for the next gen consoles. It is getting a little confusing since Rockstar is a house for a lot of famous IPs and it is hard to put a finger on the one which might require a sequel or another version but hopefully we’ll get to know soon.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive