Intel Broadwell-K Series Desktop Processors To Launch in Q4 2014

VR-Zone has recently revealed a little information about the release of the processors for the desktop LGA 1150 platform. Their reports have shown enough reason to believe that we might be expecting the Intel Broadwell-K series processors to be released by Q4 2014. Along with the release of these Broadwell processors, Intel is also planning to bring about some news for their Haswell refresh CPUs which will be for the new platform which is likely to be out sometime in earlier Q4 2014.


The new Intel Broadwell K processors are fully compatible with the LGA 1150 sockets motherboards which are equipped with the new 9-Series Z97 Express chipset. It is quite obvious by now that the K-Series unlocked processors will based on the Broadwell architecture. On the other hand, no such information about the non K series and their availability and capability has been revealed.

Intel is making quite a mark with the upcoming releases of both the Haswell and Broadwell processors. The Broadwell is going to be based on the 14nm architecture whereas the Haswell is going to stick with the 22nm architecture. Since the Haswell versions of CPUs are going to be refreshed, they are expected to come along with a few adjustments and newer and obviously better clock speeds.


The Intel Z97 Chipset which is featured by the LGA 1150 socket motherboard has been devised for the high end enthusiasts whereas the H97 is for mainstream consumers. They both are going to be equipped with the latest SATA Express support which will help them gain industry leading I/O storage performance and higher transfer speed rates which will have the capacity to reach up to 10 – 16 GB per second. This is quite an upgrade and something to look forward to since the current motherboards feature the SATA III transfer ports which don’t allow transfer speeds to exceed beyond 6 GB per second.

Source: VR-Zone | News Archive