ASUS Announces Adoption of NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology

The next generation monitor lineup by ASUS is going to feature NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. The management at ASUS took this up as an intelligent opportunity and was proud to announce their incorporation of NVIDIA’s latest technology which is quite an innovation and will help the company provide better products to the users.


This newest in-display technology offers better gaming experiences to their customers with the help of providing stunning visual results. This is the amazing result of the synchronization of the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU’s render rate. For a smoother gameplay, this technology allows the display of images right after they are rendered, thus avoiding any delay. Along with this, the images displayed on the monitor screens will be much sharper and clearer and this results from the elimination of onscreen tearing. Moreover, the G-SYNC technology is accompanied by the NVIDIA G-SYNC module which will not only be integrated into the monitors but also the hardware and software. Contemporary technologies such as the V-Sync will no longer be needed with this. Such technologies are known to keep the image quality lower with their potential to cause tearing and latency.


To bring this technology into realty, the ASUS had to join hands with NVIDIA and both the companies had their heads together for this for almost an entire year. This is finally going to be incorporated and released with the new monitors which will come out by 2014. The first G-SYNC-enhanced VG248QE gaming monitor will be revealed by ASUS and will be priced at $399 USD.

Source: ASUS | News Archive