Xbox Series X first impressions are out, showing impressive performance and load times

Xbox Series X preview embargo seems to just have been lifted, and we now have a few first impressions. The next-gen console seems to have been given the limited preview treatment, with a look at only three aspects: backward compatibility, load times, and the Quick Resume feature.

Microsoft is planning on releasing the Xbox Series X on November 10. It recently opened up the pre-orders, and now we have an initial look at the console’s capabilities.

If you want a good look, The Verge’s video does a pretty good job at showcasing the Xbox Series X’s power:

The load times are incredible, with most being faster than the Xbox Series X by a factor of over 2x, and some, even more. Take a look at The Verge’s load time comparison:

Xbox Series X load time

The backward compatibility is also great, with most games seeming to hit the golden figure of 4K 60FPS. Quick Resume, which lets users swap between games with very low load time. The Verge says support is not yet uniform, but the feature works really well when it does.

Well, are you planning on grabbing one? Let us know in the comments, down below!

Via The Verge

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