Xbox Series X price to not be revealed at July event?

Xbox and PlayStation are both racing to beat each other for the next console generation. In the past, the PlayStation has been the clear winner. However, now it is starting to look like Xbox might catch up after all. That being said, one of the biggest factors in that win will be the pricing. The game so far has been that both, PlayStation and Xbox, have been waiting for the other to reveal the price, so they can undercut it. Looks like that game is only going to get longer, as the upcoming Xbox event may not have a pricing reveal. Read on!

Sony held an amazing PlayStation 5 event a few days ago, showcasing the design of the console and the gameplay footage showing off exclusives. To nobody’s surprise, pricing details were not revealed. Xbox just announced their own Series X event, scheduled for July 23rd. While the company didn’t specifically say that they will not reveal the pricing, Tom Warren from The Verge replied to a tweet saying so.

Tom seems confident that the Xbox event will not have pricing reveals from Microsoft. Both the consoles set for release in Holidays 2020. So it is possible that the pricing for both will come much later. For now, we will mostly just get gameplay reveals, and some talk about the powerful hardware in the Xbox Series X.

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