DEEPCOOL introduces CASTLE 280EX CPU Liquid Cooler

DEEPCOOL is a popular maker of computer housing and cooling solutions, and it now has yet another product in its CPU cooler offerings. The company has just released the CASTLE 280EX CPU liquid cooler, in its already popular CASTLE EX lineup. Read on!

The DEEPCOOL CASTLE 280EX CPU Liquid Cooler comes equipped with all the usual goodness expected from the brand. The top features are as below:

Anti-Leak Technology
Large copper cold plate with 25% more skived fins (Supports TR4)
Efficient pump design optimized for performance and noise
Swappable custom logo
5V Addressable RGB with motherboard software support

The anti-leak technology is DEEPCOOL’s assurance for its liquid cooling solutions, to keep your components safe. Additionally, the 25% extra surface area, and a 3-phase motor help in more efficient and powerful cooling overall.


The DEEPCOOL CASTLE 280EX CPU Liquid Cooler also comes with customizability. It has an in-built RGB controller, as well an option to turn the logo upside down if that suits your style.

The listing for the DEEPCOOL CASTLE 280EX is currently up on GamerStorm, and widespread availability is expected in the coming days. The cooler is priced at $149.99.

What do you think about the DEEPCOOL CASTLE 280EX CPU Liquid Cooler? Hit us up with your thoughts in the comments, down below!

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