XFX Reportedly Selling Majority Of Its AMD Radeon RX 5000 Series Stock To Mining Farms

As per the report by MyDrivers, XFX sold almost all of its stock to the GPU miners in China during September. The gamers are fearing the return of GPU mining again. There was a price hike created by cryptocurrencies in 2018.

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Impressive amounts of hashing power and huge amounts of vRAM make AMD Radeon GPUs popular among miners. Currently, Ethereium’s DAG file is 3.49 GB in size, which means you require a GPU with the same amount of vRAM, and soon it might cross 4GB hence making AMD GPUs perfect due to their hashing power, tons of vRAM, and a cheap price tag. On the other hand, Ampere and NVIDIA GPUs are costly, have less hashing power and due to their higher TDP, miners choose Radeon GPUs.

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MyDrivers says that during September, XFX sold almost all of their stocks of RX 5800, RX 5700 XT, RX 5600 XT, and even the RX 590 to GPU miners. Not to forget, cryptocurrencies like Etherium have almost doubled in price during the last few months as a result, interest in GPU mining has also increased. It is forecasted that the prices may rise further, extending the strain to other AIBs and even NVIDIA GPUs.

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The crypto market may witness spikes in the prices and scarcity of currencies because AMD GPUs are leeching the company’s finite allocation of wafers at TSMC. At the same time, NVIDIA Ampere GPUs are already scarce. This situation will lead to GPU vendors and gamers being at odds with each other. Why wouldn’t vendors sell their products to miners if they can get a good price?

Via MyDrivers