Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Xigmatek Announces Aquila Micro-ATX Chassis

Xigmatek has just announced a brand new micro-ATX, the Aquila. It has a very unique design that actually suspends the frame between two large beams. This puts the frame at an acute angle, which actually makes room inside for large CPU coolers (18cm tall) and long graphics cards (33cm).

Xigmatek Aquila

Inside the case you have room for a single 5.25-inch drive, two 3.5/2.5-inch bays, and two 2.5-inch bays. The ventilation system is pretty flexible. With all the drives installed you can fit either a 120mm or 140mm intake, or just make a few adjustments and you can fit a 200mm intake. The rear of the case houses a 140mm exhaust. The top of the case has room for two 140mm fans and it can support a 140 x 280mm radiator.

Xigmatek Aquila

Front panel connectivity includes a pair of USB 3.0 ports and audio connections. The case has official dimensions of 390 mm x 403 mm x 265 mm (LxHxW). No word on pricing from Xigmatek.

Source: Xigmatek | News Archive

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