ORIGIN PC Announces 4K-Gaming Ready, NVIDIA Approved, BattleBox Systems

Origin PC has officially announced its strategic partnership with NVIDIA’s GeForce team in particular and together they aim to design and build a 4K gaming ready ‘BattleBox’, high-performance GENESIS and MILLENNIUM desktops for all those who love gaming and are looking to have a wonderful gaming experience.

Origin PC Battle Box

These BattleBox desktops from Origin PC will be approved by NVIDIA and they will be powered by the GeForce GTX 780 graphics cards or GTX Titans. This will give the gamers an unbeatable GPU horsepower which will be combined together with the NVIDIA’s SLI and some of the highest grade components currently available in the market.

Origin PC Battle Box

These desktops will be perfect for all sorts of high demanding games and even the most high-end games can easily be handled by these. A few names of some of the biggest action games include Batman, Arkham Origins, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Watch Dogs, and Call of Duty. Gaming enthusiast will be able to enjoy all these games with smooth frame rates along with the ULTRA HD resolutions on 4K displays. Gamers will be able to take advantage of some of the GeForce GTX cards’ game-changing technologies for instance the PhysX, TXAA, Boost 2.0, and frame metering. This helps to tackle with the next generation technologies such as 4K resolution and all this makes the BattleBox desktop one of the most advanced. The desktops will be available from a price of $2,873.00.

Source: Origin PC | News Archive