Xilence RAM Cooler HP Duo Dual Heatpipe Passive Memory Cooler Review

Recently I looked at an aftermarket memory cooler that sported a heatpipe cooler and fan. It is an excellent idea, and I really like it. But after some thought, I realized that I really do have enough airflow in my rigs. A quick glance at my test rigs show all three with front and back 120mm fans, one has a side fan, and the other two have large top fans, and all have large CPU coolers. Add to that the GPU cooling and the PSUs’ large fans, there is a good amount of wind in my cases, so maybe I really don’t need to add more fans, along with the extra wires and fan connectors to contend with.

So I think that I am more inclined towards passive memory cooling. I like the heatpipe cooling on OCZ’s ReaperX, but I get a lot of different brands of memory, and would like the option for passive heatpipe cooling on those too.

Our friends at bgears have given us that option with the Xilence RAM Cooler HP Duo memory cooler. Xilence is a separate company that builds cases, power supplies, CPU coolers, and other cooling products; all with silence in mind, but their products are marketed in the US by bgears. The RAM Cooler HP Duo has a pair of copper heatpipes with lots of pretty copper fins, so besides providing extra cooling for those hot memory chips, you also get an excuse to add more shiny copper to the inside of your rig. Read on as I look at the HP Duo!

Colors: Black, copper
Dimensions: 94 x 154 x 18 mm
Net Weight: 160 g (5.64 oz)

– Improves the thermal resistance by 38.6%
– Gives your PC a cool modding look

The RAM Cooler HP Duo is in a hanging blisterpack that is thankfully not hermetically sealed.

Xilence RAM Cooler HP Duo Dual Heatpipe Passive Memory Cooler Xilence RAM Cooler HP Duo Dual Heatpipe Passive Memory Cooler

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