You Can Now Configure Your M1 Mac Mini with 10Gbps Ethernet LAN Port

Among all of Apple’s Macs, the M1 Mac mini is the only Mac to have the most variety of ports; this also includes the standard 1Gbps Ethernet port; unfortunately, there was no option to upgrade it. Luckily now Apple is offering the option to upgrade the standard Ethernet to the 10 Gbps Ethernet port.

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In order to upgrade the Ethernet port, you need to place a customized order and pay an extra $100. Please note this upgrade is not applicable to your already purchased M1 Mac mini.

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In case you want to get the 10 Gbps speed on your pre-purchased Mac, then you can use the Thunderbolt 3 adapter to do so that is easily available on online stores like Amazon.

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Although Apple was late in providing the upgrade, we are glad that they did.