You Can Start Preloading Grand Theft Auto V Tomorrow

If you have already purchased your preorder of Grand Theft Auto V from the Rockstar Warehouse or Steam you are able to start preloading the game tomorrow April 7th. This information is on the FAQ section of Rockstar’s support website.

Grand Theft Auto V

While the information states that the April 7th preloading is only for those who have purchased the game from the Rockstar Warehouse and Steam it does say, “If you pre-ordered GTAV from a digital retailer other than Rockstar Warehouse or Steam, please contact your retailer’s customer support departments for details on pre-loads.” You are definitely going to want to preload the game if you want to get in on the action the day the game releases, which is April 14th.

Last week Rockstar released a GTA V PC trailer and I have to say the game looks awesome!

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