You Can Upgrade the RAM and Storage of Your M1 Mac After Purchase

Apple skipped the option of increasing RAM or storage in M1 powered Macs which disappointed many users. However, technicians in Guangzhou, China, have reportedly succeeded in upgrading the RAM and storage.

This news was making rounds on Chinese social media throughout the weekend, and now international reports have clarified the news. The technicians were not only able to successfully upgrade the RAM and the storage, but they were correctly recognized by the macOS; thus, the device operated smoothly.

A picture of a MacBook is also shared as proof where the 8 GB RAM is upgraded to 16GB of RAM, and the storage was upgraded from 256GB to 1TB. Luckily, the macOS is showing the correct information too.

The picture shows that Apple has soldered the RAM and memory chips into the motherboard, which means it is a risky task to upgrade the RAM, and a slight mistake might just make your Mac useless. It will also void the warranty. The Advice here is to just pay an extra amount for the upgrade.

Via Twitter