You Will Soon Be Able To Use PS VR2 On PC, But Will Require Additional Hardware

According to a recent report, in order to use the PS VR2 headset on a PC, additional hardware will be required . However, this hardware is still in the planning and production stages.

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iVRy, the developer known for his driver that enables the use of the original PS VR headset on PC, shared on Twitter that the latest PS VR headset designed for the PlayStation 5 console is currently incompatible with PCs. This issue arises from the headset blocking DSC (Display Stream Compression) when an AMD Open Source Linux GPU driver is used.

However, the developer has gained knowledge on activating the headset’s VR mode, which paves the way for the development of additional hardware that will enable PC compatibility. Except for certain AMD users on Linux, everyone else will require this yet-to-be-designed and mass-produced hardware.

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Although there is a wide range of VR headsets available for PC, the ability to utilize the PS VR2 would certainly be highly desirable, primarily due to its distinctive features. While it comes with a somewhat high price tag, it is partially justified by the immersive experience it can deliver.