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How to reach thousand consumers in a minute?
Do you believe in a marketing campaign bringing hundreds of consumers? Do you like increasing portfolio of your steady clients? Your dream can come true if you use proper marketing tools.

Now SMS newsletter as a marketing tool becomes more popular; every marketing manager knows at least one company providing such newsletters. Do you prefer a single company, capable of sky-rocketing your sales? This company is


How does Intistele help businesses to increase their value?

The primary goal of any marketing campaign remains achieving your consumer. Yes, you can attain him through attractive commercial offer but he will read that only if he comes home, to a place with an access to the Internet. It may happen at the end of the day when you don’t work, the next day he will become too busy to remember your offer. That is why your message should achieve his attention not at his home but in any place where he is right here and right now. That is why SMS newsletters are much better instruments than other marketing instruments.


You know that SMS newsletters remain the best among newsletters. Your message seldom achieves a “spam” folder so there are higher chances for any consumer to read it. A client shouldn’t hire any copywriters to create a message; only 10 words and an attractive offer are able to sell your services. People receiving SMS don’t put them on a list of their evening plans; it becomes the job they need to do right here and right now. Messages remain short so clients respond quickly; a company even doesn’t have enough consultants to address all the calls. That is the primary reason why Intistele has concentrated on this market.

Why so many businesses choose Intistele?

Insistele is a company who cares about your sales. A lot of businesses choose it for a variety of reasons:

1. Because its interface enables sending as much SMS as your client likes;
2. Because messages are sent within minutes;
3. Because messages come to right people who are interested in clients’ services;
4. Because clients know that they don’t spend money, they invest in a considerable increase in sales starting from the minute when your newsletter is sent.

The affordability of this service makes even startup managers eligible for a newsletter. Intistele remains responsive to any platforms and payment instruments so you won’t have hard times trying to create the system which will appear useful for you. The service remains very simple but even if you have any questions, customer support is right here to help you. So, do you want increasing your sales dramatically? You are welcome to create your message and start the first campaign now.

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