Zignaly Review: Is It Best Crypto Bot In 2021?

Are you a newbie in investing and want to start crypto trading but don’t know how? Or maybe you are an expert who is looking for easy solutions that will help you increase passive income. In both cases, Zignaly will be a great option that will save lots of money and effort. Check out this review to find why this bot is the best one among suggestions available on the market in 2021.

Main Information About Zignaly

You’ve probably heard about the  zignaly crypto bot before. But let’s start with learning some facts about this powerful trading platform.

It has been operating since 2018 and has already won the hearts of many traders. It attracts users by providing them with various types of trading strategies. Thus, they may have:

  • completely automated trades;
  • combine others trading strategies with their own ones;
  • set up their own trading strategies and make them automative

The platform is free to use, and there’s no minimum required. It doesn’t take a cut of your profits and guarantees safety and security to its clients. Plus, Zignaly supports 21 different cryptocurrency signal providers. That is way more than competitors can suggest. Basically, it is a great tool for both beginners and amateur traders.

But let’s take a closer look at its peculiarities and conditions it offers to customers.

Best Features And Some Drawbacks

First of all, there aren’t any monthly fees, and clients pay only when they make a profit. It’s a great option for those who just start their crypto trading experience. Plus, it’s pretty easy to use the bot, and customers may always contact customer support if they have questions.
The platform has many signal providers and supports unlimited coin pairs and trading positions. Moreover, the service guarantees security. It executes its operations through the exchange that the daytrader is using. It doesn’t have direct access to clients’ funds.

But although Zignaly stands out among competitors due to its many advantages, it still has one drawback. It supports a limited number of exchanges. It operates with Binance, Kucoin, BitMex, VCC exchange, and FTX. But the good news is that the service is planning to expand the number of them in the nearest future.

Signal Providers And Types Of Trades

As stated above, one of the main features of Zignaly is the number of signal providers. As for now, it supports 21 signal providers, but the list is growing fast.

The service suggests both free and paid signals, and most providers share ideal signals so that customers get proper signals.

zignlay 2

There are 2 types of trades supported by Zignaly: basic and advanced. Basic includes such features as:

  • taking profit;
  • trailing stop;
  • stop loss

Advanced options include such things as:

  • minimum volume filters;
  • DCA;
  • price deviations


Is it really free? Yes! Just create an account and get all the suggested features.

zignlay 3

Plus, there aren’t any trading fees and plenty of signals that are available for free. So, it’s a great start for newbies who want to learn more about trading in practice.

How Trading With Zignaly Actually Works

It’s pretty easy to start working with this platform, even if you just begin your journey. Clients may either use Trading View Bot or Trading Terminal.

The first option is the best choice for newbies. It lets send your signals with the use of cryptocurrency signal finder recommendations or indicators.

The terminal, on the other side, gives more space for setting own strategies. Using it, customers may set up their own settings instead of relying on the ones suggested by the bot. The good thing is that there aren’t any limitations, and the terminal offers plenty of features. Hence, clients may split the profit targets or check results for all positions.

One of the best peculiarities of Zignaly is the fact that it suggests a thorough explanation for each feature. Basically, users follow the guidelines and start trading within several minutes. They can pick any setting they like and choose the best signal provider.

There’s also an auto-mode that helps clients earn money even if they are doing something else. Plus, users may create buy or sell signals and import them into Zignaly. Lot’s of ways to increase your passive income!

Safety And Security

Undoubtedly, we all want to be sure that our money is in safe hands. Zignaly ensures that all the transactions are secure. It trades directly with the exchange side and doesn’t store any clients’ funds. Hence, users don’t make deposits as all the balances are always on the exchange side. In its turn, exchange sides use encrypted data and protect funds by insurance.

zignlay 4

Customer Support

The service has great customer support that is ready to help with all related questions. Plus, those who sign up get priority customer support.

Users may easily contact the team via online chat or social media pages. But, Ziganly has an extensive FAQ section, and clients may find almost all the answers there. Plus, the service keeps a nice blog with plenty of useful articles on related topics. Don’t forget to check it to keep updated on trading news.


All in all, Zignaly bot is one of the best suggestions available on the market nowadays. It lets users start their trading experience for free and learn while making real profit.

The bot is easy to use and lets clients pick signal providers, implement their own trading strategies, or trade automatically. Plus, the service has a trailing stop feature that helps users follow the price of the crypto until a market reversal.

Moreover, Ziganly offers excellent customer support that is ready to assist at any time. Indeed, there are some cons as a limited number of exchanges available. But Ziganly is continuously working on improvements and does its utmost to offer the best service to its users.


  • totally free;
  • plenty of features as unlimited coin pairs or trailing stops;
  • excellent customer support;
  • many signal providers;
  • continuously implements improvements;
  • easy to start working even if you are a newbie.


  • a limited number of available exchanges.