Zotac Announces Thunderbolt 3 Cases – Amp Box and Amp Box Mini

ZOTAC International, a global manufacturer of innovation, today introduced an amazing addition to its product line, the ZOTAC AMP BOX Series. The all-new External Thunderbolt 3 box solutions possess the Power To Transform any Thunderbolt 3 capable systems into a powerful Game / VR Ready System or supplement it with an ultra-fast expansive storage with NVMe PCIe x4 SSD.

amp box 1

ZOTAC offers two models, AMP BOX and AMP BOX Mini. Both external boxes can accommodate dual slot graphics card and support up to an enthusiast-grade GeForce GTX 1080 Ti on the AMP and GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card on the Mini respectively, enabling users to complement any Thunderbolt 3 compatible ZBOX Mini PC, Notebook, or Desktop with the power to game beyond the limit.

Leveraging the single-port Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, AMP BOX Series offers up to 40 Gbps bandwidth which is 3x more than USB 3.1 Gen2 with just one connection. With up to 4 available USB 3.0 ports, the expansion systems also provide multi-display connectivity for an enhanced experience. AMP BOX even deploys the dedicated USB Quick Charge 3.0 port to ensure a fast charge, up to 4 times faster than conventional charging, for a supported mobile device.

amp box 2

In addition to the graphics performance boost, AMP BOX Series is ideal for acting as an instant fast external storage or a fast scratch disk for temporary program utilization and more. Install a fast NVMe PCIe x4 SSD and the AMP BOX Series can deliver up to the same level of fast performance when installed directly into a PC system.

Weighing only 850g and measuring 7.2 x 9 x 3.9 inches, the AMP BOX MINI is the smallest Thunderbolt 3 expansion box available today. Extremely portable with their compact sizes, AMP BOX Series is ready to go at the desk when you come home or take it on the go with its featherweight design. Plus, the customizable SPECTRA lighting support in AMP BOX can light up the graphics card from the inside of the chassis. Simply tap into the latest SPECTRA utility for AMP BOX to adjust color, brightness and lighting mode.

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