ZOWIE Unveils XL-X Gaming Monitors With Fast-TN & New DyAc 2 Technology

ZOWIE doesn’t release monitors frequently, but when they do, they consistently deliver high-end gaming-centric beasts. The recently unveiled XL2546X and XL2586X gaming monitors showcase their latest Fast-TN panels and exclusive DyAc 2 technology. With a unique dual backlight design, ZOWIE claims these monitors are optimal for precise gaming and clear motion.

These monitors feature impressive 240 Hz panel for the XL2546X and an exceptionally fast 540 Hz for the XL2586X. Geared towards crafting competition-grade monitors for the eSports realm, these displays are likely to attract dedicated gamers and eSports teams.


In the realm of professional esports displays, speed stands out as a crucial trait. The recently launched XL2546X and XL2586X monitors employ cutting-edge Fast-TN panel technology, renowned for its quicker response times compared to IPS panels. This technology enhances the clarity and sharpness of moving images, with a notable advantage in rapidly recovering from flashbangs, allowing users to spot enemy outlines sooner.

These monitors feature the latest DyAc 2 technology, ZOWIE’s dynamic accuracy mechanism designed to deliver top-notch motion clarity and superior visual experiences. Representing a significant improvement over DyAc/DyAc⁺, DyAc 2 employs dual backlights with enhanced precision control, resulting in a higher level of motion blur reduction and ghosting minimization.

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The softened light output aids in eye adaptation. In comparison to alternative motion blur reduction technologies, DyAc 2 provides clearer visuals and a more precise sense of control, particularly beneficial in dynamic aiming, spraying, and rapid firing scenarios when targeting enemies. HDR support and the monitor’s color gamut remain unmentioned, with the only reference being to a “vivid color film” claimed to enhance color performance by 35%.

The XL2546X and XL2586X showcase newly designed height-adjustable features using industrial-grade high precision bearings. This allows gamers to swiftly find their ideal position, smoothly gliding without stuttering or over-adjusting. This streamlined setup process in the esports arena enables players to swiftly immerse themselves in a focused state for the competition.

Source: BenQ