10 Computer Apps That Help You Become A Gaming Pro

If you have been playing computer games for a long time, you must have known that to play a game well, it is very important to use good apps to play a game well. In this post, we will talk about 10 great apps that will help you become a gaming pro. These applications can help boost your online gaming skills and also help you find the best games to play for free. Let us take a look at them:

1. Steam

Steam is an online site that has different versions of computer games and applications that you can download and use on your PC. This application is great because it allows you to connect with various gamers from all around the world and allows you to manage your games and the downloaded content.

2. Battlelog

Battlelog is a free gaming app that allows you to connect with gamer buddies and tracks your progress during the game. It has a unique feature that allows you to chat with other gamers during a multiplayer session and keeps track of player points and other vital stats.

3. Razer Comms

Razer Comms
Razer Comms is a free chat application that allows you to connect with gamers worldwide and facilitates voice chat among gamers during online sessions. This app is very helpful because it provides a better gaming experience for players from all over the globe. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of PC gamers and hence, provides more features than any other chat application.

4. GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker
GS auto clicker is a very handy application that helps you to click automatically on the selected area without having to use your mouse all the time. This application is great for clicking endlessly during farming, building and much more. Since it involves a lot of clicking, this app can help make your gaming experience much better.

5. TeamSpeak

This is a great gaming tool that allows people to talk and chat during online multiplayer sessions. This app can be used by gamers and their friends and family who want to stay connected to them while they play. It also has a feature where it can broadcast the audio that you want, and then, anyone in your contact list can listen to it.

6. Recoil Master

Recoil Master
If you want more accurate bullets and better aiming in your shooting games, then this is the application that will help you become a gaming pro. The recoil of the weapon in each shooting game is different, and hence, this app helps you calibrate and customise the recoil based on the requirements of each game.

7. AutoHotkey

This is a versatile application that allows you to automate your computer’s tasks and helps in customising the keyboard shortcuts for all the functions to get better control over your games. This app can help automate repetitive tasks during gaming sessions, saving valuable time and improving your performance while playing online.

8. Macro Express

This is another very handy application that lets you create custom macros to automate keystrokes and other tasks during online gaming sessions so that your performance is improved and you get the best possible experience while playing.

9. XSplit Gamecaster & Broadcaster

XSplit Gamecaster Broadcaster
XSplit allows you to stream and capture high-quality videos of your online gameplay sessions and allows you to share them with friends and family. It also has a built-in video editor that lets you add various effects to the captured footage and upload it on YouTube. This app is very beneficial for gamers since they can post their best gameplays on different sites and become famous over time.

10. H1Z1 Invite Tool

This invite application allows you to get into the Closed Beta and lets you gift invites to your friends and other gamers who wish to play this game. It has a simple yet useful interface that tracks the number of players who will be participating in the upcoming sessions. This app can help gamers get the best possible online gaming experience and improve their performance while playing.